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Applying For My First Headship

Discussion in 'Headteachers' started by sybella, Jan 3, 2011.

  1. I am about to apply for my first headteacher post, which just happens to be in my own school.....any help or advice will be gratefully recieved!
  2. TheoGriff

    TheoGriff Star commenter

    General advice - go to JobSeekers Forum, open the Welcome thread and read the Shortlisting clickables in there.
    Specific advice for internal candidate: sell yourself as though it were another school.
    So many internals undersell, because they think Well, they know what I do! That doesn't work. Both in the application and in the interview, spell it out in full.
    Very best wishes for this!
    TheoGriff. Member of the TES Careers Advice Service.
    The TES Careers Advice service runs seminars, one-to-one career advice, one-to-one interview coaching and an application review service.

    I shall be contributing to the Seminars on Saturday 8th January. TheoGriff Job Seminar
    Look forward to seeing you!
  3. Thank you! I will be online on the 8th!
  4. TheoGriff

    TheoGriff Star commenter

    Sybella - we have no on-line offering on the 8th . . . If you think you have booked for this, please contact Julia on advice@tes.co.uk

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