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Applying for jobs

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by CharlotteD9, Feb 25, 2016.

  1. CharlotteD9

    CharlotteD9 New commenter

    I'm an experienced teacher and currently on maternity leave. I want and need part time hours and ideally need to be at a school closer to home. I haven't yet spoken to my head, he has a reputation of losing good staff because he refuses them part time contracts. The school I'm currently at is 50mins away and I would rather be closer.
    The first few jobs that came up I emailed before applying to ask if they would consider part time and have been told no straight off. I want to check I'm doing this the right way round.
    Do I carry on emailing before I apply? Apply and then state it when asked to interview? Or ask at interview?
    I'm being refused before they even know how amazing I am ;-)
  2. GLsghost

    GLsghost Star commenter

    Without writing a lengthy explanation, you might want to consider discussing this with your union as potential sex discrimination - which is relevant to the recruitment process.

    If recruiting schools are not even prepared to consider part-time (in all its permutations / job-shares etc) they may be indirectly discriminating, because women are more likely to be adversely affected by this and you are currently experiencing it.

    There is information about this here - but then ring your union and ask them whether your particular circumstances fit the descriptors.

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