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applying for jobs knowing you are pregnant

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by lilachardy, Mar 11, 2011.

  1. lilachardy

    lilachardy Star commenter

    Might it be worth asking the head if there is any point in you applying for a part-time position?
    There's a chance their other perfect candidate is asking the same thing!
  2. I personally wouldn't go for it and agree with the other posts why. BUT... if you're prepared for any negativity that may arise (which if shoe is on other foot, you know you would be a bit miffed, I know I would) then go for it, as so what. It's your life, i'm sure you're a great teacher, but remember you won't get a chance to show that for some time... especially if this is your first child (too be honest, even if it's your 2nd, 3rd etc!) then you may not be on top form when you return as your priorities will naturally change. Will it be your dream job, if you don't have the support of your colleagues? But you never know, they may be great about it.
    I would talk to the head about it. If they choose you then at least you know that they've prepared for it.
  3. I went for an interview at 14 weeks and was going to tell them but some friends I respected told me not to.
    I didn't get the job and was really glad that the pregancy did not have a part to play in that!
    It was also the best thing in the end that I didn't get the job. Although I really, really, wanted it at the time my life changed a lot between the interview time and the time I would have started it.
    It went against the grain of my nature not to tell them.
  4. I got an interview for my dream job a few years back. I then, two days after the letter inviting me for interview arrived, found out I was pregnant with a very much longed for child. I really wrestled with my conscience about what to do and in the end I told them and withdrew from the interview. I didn't feel it would be a good start with future employers and felt that they would always know I'd deceived them. In the end I lost the baby. I was disappointed to have missed out on the job and obviously terribly sad about losing the baby but I am at least able to look back and feel I did the right thing by being honest. I have a good reputation with that institution (an LA not a school) and got a job with them at a later time. Had I been dishonest at the start I don't think I would have that relationship I have with them now.
    You must make your own decision of course.
  5. I'd go for it personally. I'm now 24 weeks pregnant so can't really hide it any more, but at 9 weeks it's plausible that you didn't know and by law you only have to inform your employer by the time you're 25 weeks (so you are not legally obliged to). The school are also unable to discriminate against you because you are pregnant.
    I would go for the job and if you get it, tell them that you've just found out and they can't withdraw their offer. They will probably be a bit annoyed, but when you return to work after, you will have less of a drive which I'm sure will be better for you (more time with baby, less distance to travel after a sleepless night!).
    When I did my PGCE, a new teacher was appointed and within 6 weeks she informed the school she was 24ish weeks pregnant and was taking maternity leave on a given date. The school were annoyed, but she's settled back in now and they're grateful to have her because she's a good teacher.

    Good luck with whatever you decide and good luck with your pregnancy!!!

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