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Applying for GTP 2010 - advice?

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by elizabeth1972, Sep 1, 2009.

  1. Hi,
    I'm due to start my GTP next week, and I know how confusing and daunting the whole application process is.
    1.) The GTP is completely separate from PGCE, even at the same uni. I applied for PGCE places at two different unis (although in reality, you apply to one at a time until you get an offer / rejection), and GTP at the same two. I was lucky enough to be offered everything I applied for, and went for GTP at the closest uni to home. I did accept and hang on to my PGCE place until the very last minute though, just to make sure everything was OK with the GTP.
    2.) I think this depends on the course. The GTP I have accepted will (hopefully!) give me QTS. That's all I need to teach, so I'm quite happy with that. I think some providers do offer other qualifications at the same time, though, so it's worth checking this out if it's important to you.
    3.) Again, this depends on the provider. The uni I accepted needed me to find my own school. It had to be within 40 miles of the campus, but it turns out to be in a different county and LEA, and they're not bothered by that. The uni I turned down would have found a school for me (or with me), which sort of put me off a bit because it could have ended up miles from home. I approached the schools myself and was lucky enough to find a very supportive school about half an hour from home who have had GTP students before, with a different provider.
    4.) I had a standard personal statement which I tweaked and personalised for each application. The PGCE and GTP statements I used were both very similar, but in the GTP one I stressed that hands-on learning was for me, and that I had six years experience of working as a TA and teaching whole classes for PPA time. I think for either application, with competition being so high, you need to stress either your previous experience in school, or the relevance of your degree / previous work outside schools to teaching. How do your experiences relate to the classroom? How will your strengths in other areas be of benefit to the children you will teach? How have you had to be reflective in the past, and how will this self-reflection lend itself to you becoming a rounded, reflective practitioner?
    My final tip is to get in early - have your application on the doorstep of the provider the day that they open for applications. Some courses are very, very oversubscribed, and one of the first weeding out processes is simply to only look at the first however-many that arrive, and disregard all the rest. Be prepared with your statement and personal info now, so that as soon as you can get the forms (first week in September for most providers, I think) you can have them filled in and posted back ASAP.
    Good luck!

  2. Definately take that advice. I missed out on an interview because i wasn't one of the first applications in and so am consequenty reapplying at the moment. Get the form in as soon as possible.
  3. I have just started a self-funded GTP. It's slightly different as there is no college-based training at all! I applied for PGCE, GTP and SFGTP (I was determined to train one way or another!). I sent letters to all schools within a 5 mile radius of my partner's school (we only have one car!) telling them how wonderful I was and what I wanted to do. I think the key is persistance! If it would help, you are welcome to the copy of my letter/personal statement if you let me have your email.
    My only proviso is that as a GTP student you are thrown in at the deep end so I wouldn't advise it if you don't already have some experience. The bonus is that you are paid as an unqualified teacher which, in my case, has worked out at substantially more than the bursary offered.
  4. Hello,
    I am currentely applying for PGCE and GTP courses and would greatly appreciate a copy of your letter/personal statement. I am also determined to get onto a course this time round!

    My email address is l.howitt@lancs.ac.uk

    Thank you.
  5. I would like a copy of your letter too if that's ok.
    I am currently a cover supervisor and have been for about 3 years now so looking forward to the next stage of my career.
    email: dipsyminx@yahoo.co.uk
  6. Thanks for all the info and advice!
    I've already started asking around to find out when applications are available and due by. So far it seems the GTPs I'm interested in don't open applications for a few more weeks so if my GTTR application gets sent next week I've got time after to concentrate on GTP.
    Does look like Nottingham Trent is the only one offering PGCE but I've heard good things and I like that they either help applicants find schools to work in or let them suggest a school they know will support them.
    Emsy, that would be really great if you could send me that (sorry if you now get hundreds of requests!). My email acyzlls@nottingham.ac.uk
  7. Hi emsy,

    I am kind of gate crashing this thread and wonder whether you could also email me your letter/personal statement please so I can see just what is needed to be included?

    My email address is:: argylebabe83@hotmail.co.uk

  8. Certainly a few years ago the course in Nottingham looked really good! Was accepted for PGCE in 2001 but personal circumstances prevented me from starting. Good luck!
  9. There is a serious lack of clarity to the TDA website re: GTP.
    Your letter/personal statement would be of great help to this aging office worker seeking to FINALLY use his English degree and get into teaching

  10. I have just started writing my Personal Statement for GTP. As Mum of 2 I want to draw on my own knowledge of children as well as my classroom experience - is this a good idea or not??? I don't want to bang on about my own kids but they are also the main life experice of children that I have. What do you think???
  11. As a main rule of thumb I would focus on what you got out of the classroom experience over your children, purely because the classroom experience is most relevant to the course. Though this is not to say that you shouldn't write about your experiences with your children. Just don't go overboard with it, as most personal statements are restricted to one side of paper and your classroom experience should really take priority in the limited space you have.
    Just as a sidenote, I'm currently writing a blog on my experiences of the GTP. I'm trying to cover everything from applying to assignments, so there may be something of use on there for you. Check it out at www.educatinggecko.blogspot.com
  12. Thanks for that fattailgecko - I will bear it in mind. I have just completed my first day of classroom experience and loved it - I have got 6 week to go in all, so I will make sure I draw on that more than anything else. Am loving the blog too - thanks for the link.

  13. Do you have to find a university to support you? or can you just find a school?
  14. Your training has to be ratified by a university, but you can apply directly to a school and do not necessarily have to do any university-based training. There are various routes into teaching and it may be worth ringing university admissions to see which routes they offer and what the requirements are.
  15. hi emsy, would it be possible for you to e-mail a copy of your statement. As a successful candidate for GTP your statement was obviously successful and so a look at what is required would be great. hope you can help.
  16. A copy of your letter/personal statement would be really helpful thanks, especially as you were successful. I hope your GTP goes well.
  17. OK, so, I am still on my personal statement !!! It's taking forever - no surprises there. Just need some advice. I thought about teaching some years ago - but my Dad talked me out of it at the time and advised me to go to Uni to do business studies and follow a business career - as a 17 year old I listened to him and did just that, I was an accountant for 13 years. How do I get that across in my personal statement without sounding weak and easily lead??? I was 17 at the time, my whole family are teachers and I was talked out of it. How do I say that I have now decided that Dad was wrong and I want to be a teacher now?
  18. Emsy - apologies for adding to the many requests you have had for this, but I would really appreciate a copy of your letter/personal statement as I am looking at appying for January 2011. Many thanks
  19. Sorry - only just registered - all new to me (also blonde if that is any excuse.......)! My email is rachael_grieve@hotmail.co.uk.
  20. Hi,
    I'm sorry to jump on the bandwagon, but as I'm currently in the process of applying for any route I can think of into teaching, I'd really appreciate it if you could send me a copy of your letter/statement too.
    My email address is emma_thompson100@hotmail.com
    Thank you [​IMG]

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