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Applying for EYFS when trained in Primary

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by missjivebunny, Jun 6, 2011.

  1. missjivebunny

    missjivebunny New commenter

    We're currently taking applications for a nursery teacher, as well as maternity cover for myself and while our current head has always been keen to employ specialists. Our new head who is starting in October has asked us to consider applications from candidates with a range of training. I'm glad about this, as we have sometimes had non-EY supply teachers who I have felt 'are just right' for Early Years.
    For me, I've always felt that my Early Childhood Studies degree has been invaluable - not necessarily made me a better teacher, but it was an excellent start to me understanding child development and a huge range of different types of Early Years practice. Then again, others may feel that they develop this understanding purely while working with young children.
    When I'm observing candidates and interviewing, first and foremost I'm looking at interaction with the children - responding to what the children say or do, modelling new language and giving them opportunities to use it, using language that is pitched appropriately, how you use your voice to draw the children in etc. I think a lot of this is something that people either have or they don't (sure this isn't exclusive to EYFS). I've seen candidates who are terrified and freeze when the children don't stick to the learning objectives, candidates standing up to 'play' with children who are on the floor, candidates who don't respond to children's comments at all during direct teaching and during play..not good.
    I'm not too worried if candidates have got experience using the FS profile, although some schools will be looking for this.
    Sorry, this reply is a bit waffly. If you think you have the qualities of a good EY teacher, then go for it, trained or not. If you're not sure what these qualities would be then spend more time in nursery and reception classes that you know to be good.
    Good luck!
  2. Not at all waffly - has been very interesting and you've made me feel more confident again. Thank you!
    I can actually see myself in your description of the teacher you'd be looking for and that's very reassuring. How well I interact with the children/parents etc has been praised in all my teaching positions - even Ofsted complimented me on it! - and I'm a parent so although my children are older now I'd like to think I remember how to relate to 4 and 5yr olds. The head at the school I'm about to visit also used to be a teacher I was once a TA for so she knows exactly how I work too and she did invite me to apply ...mmm being interviewed by a friend though (if I get that far) - well that'll be a whole new worry [​IMG]
    ...and good luck with your expected new addition.
  3. Hi, I'm in a similar position, I am an NQT trained in primary 5-11 and now have 3 reception interviews next week. One of which I have already been observed for and went really well. I have done a lot of supply teacher reception work which I have really enjoyed so I have some experience, however I need to know more about the theoretical side of the EYFS.

    Can anyone suggest any websites and books which would cover a lot of this information (about behaviour management, assessment, teaching and learning strategies in the foundation stage).

    Thanks in advance!
  4. Seen this recommended somewhere - was referred to as the EYFS bible! - and made a note:
    The Foundation Stage Teacher in Action: Teaching 3, 4 and 5 year olds

    Ms Margaret Edgington
    Can't personally recommend it though till I see a copy.
    Good luck with those interviews.
  5. Thanks Airmail, I'll see if any of my local libraries have a copy.
    Do you know any good websites with EYFS information?

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