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Applying for another job in my NQT year? Your advice please James

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by Wokky1, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. Dear James,
    I have already got a permanent job (based on passing my NQT year) that seems to be going quite well so far. However, the travel somedays is really killing me and sometimescan be over an hour in the car each way, each day.
    I have seen an opportunity at a school closer to my home that Ive always admired and would not only save me a lot of time but a hell of a lot of money in petrol too
    My problem is I dont know what to say and who to say it to at my current school, that I am applying elsewhere in my NQT year. The school has been really supportive and I really enjoy working there and feel like I would be letting them down.
    Any advice would be appreciated. Has anyone else ever been in this position? What did you do?
    I feel terrible about the prospect of telling them

  2. When thinking about jobs there are more factors than just travelling. I cxan see that travel is a major factor, but you must consider other things. If this school suits you and you suit it that's worth an awful lot. If the support is great, the children are your sort of kids and everything is going well, then I would aseriously try to think about alternatives - could you move closer to teh school? Could you put up with the travel until induction is passed?
    Although the other school has a good reputation you also need to think about how you fit into a new team of people and will the support be the same?
    Ultimately, if the only opiton is to move research the school carefully, try and find out as much as you can about what is on offer before you apply. You can ask for your application to be reviewed without taking up a reference from your current post - if you are not selected for interview then nobody at your present school need know. If you are selected then you would have to approach the head and let them know - if it is explainewd in terms of your inability to cope with the travel and how this could ultimately affect your teaching and your performance, then the head may well be understanding - disappointed but, I would hope understanding.
    Don't make any rash decisions or moves think and research carefully.
  3. Thanks very much James, I think I've considered pretty much everything you have said already but wanted to make sure I was considering the correct things. I feel much better having read through what you have said. I know quite a bit about the new school through my friend working within the department and other friends at that school. There are a few positives and negatives to take from my current job and the one I am applying for also, so I am trying to weigh up what the best option is at present. I will not be moving house as I have just moved back towards my home town to be nearer both mine and my wife's families. Again, thanks for your advice

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