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Applying for a job whilst heavily pregnant.

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by LeilaKay, Jan 21, 2012.

  1. Hi all I am desperately unhappy im my current department, I have 7 working days left till Mat leave. If i had the chance to quit for good I'd go tommorrow.
    I have seen a job advertised for an AST /or person with asperations to become an ASTat the school I attended as a teen over 20yrs ago, and also did my PGCE there too. I'd absolutely love to go back there, I have been told by a parent that a member of Senior Leadership Team has recently retired after nearly 40yrs service, should I assume they are looking for someone on UPS with more than 10years class experience. My mate thinks im wasting my time as i am only on MPS 6.
    It's For a sept 2012 start. Interviews take place on 6th Feb I will be around 32wks pregnant by then. please can you give me your honest opinions.
    Thnks LK[​IMG]
  2. I think you should deffo go for it-they can't discriminate! If you're suitable forcthecwhole job they'll wait and will postpone your start date.
  3. hiya i think its better to for it you never know you might just that luck and get the job. by the way i didnt know you could do a PGCE at your old school?
  4. Well I think you should apply - they are not meant to discriminate (unfortunately unlike pickled onion I think 'they can't' is perhaps not quite true... they just can't say that's why if they are bothered by it).
    If you are a strong candidate and become favourite at interview it may depend on your potential start date - it is probably easier to employ someone already on mat leave with a return date (even though later than they'd ask someone else to start) than someone in early preg who'll start then stop then start again.
    Also interview at 32 weeks pregnant sounds somewhat more sensible than the full day interview I went to when my daughter was 3 days old! They were very accomodating and my hubby hung around the area in our campervan for the day and I popped out in breaks in programme to feed and cuddle. It was completely insane, on balance (didn't get the job - thank god- it would've been the wrong job with a 6 month old baby as it was so far away!). Although I don't regret it - I think at that point it was almost a little thing I needed to do for 'me'!
    If you hate your job and if you HAVE to return for financial reasons then go for it. It may well be very tough starting a new job with a tiny baby, but it'd also be rubbish going back to a job you know you hate with a tiny baby!
  5. DJ Tom, if you do a PGCE at a uni near your old school and they take PGCE placement students then you are as likely to go to that school as any of the other PGCE students on your course.
  6. Hi I think you should definately go for it, it is definately what I intend to do I am currently pregnant with number 2 and the headship at the school I did secondment at when I returned from maternity leave last time has come up. I have waited for over a year for this job to come up and feel even though they may decide they don't want me because I am pregnant or my potential start date, I will regret it if I don't do it an hope they can see past the pregnancy.
    Good luck x
  7. Thankyou all for your comments, closing date for appplications is 2nd Feb, I'm not feeling very confident at the mo, and think it maybe a bit over ambitious, as the baby will only be 5mnths old, and if i asked for pt/job share that would probably be really pushing it.
    I'm so miserable [​IMG] i hate feeling this hopeless.
  8. rebel75

    rebel75 New commenter

    Hi LeilaKay,
    Just wanted to let you know my recent experience... I have a lengthy commute (hour each way) and would love a new job closer to home to start in Sept 2012 when I intend to go back to work after mat leave. My dream job came up in a school just 5 mins drive from where I live, so off I went at 8 months pregnant to visit the school... took the honest approach rather than not visiting and just sending in an application so they knew my situation. The school were looking for someone to start in April 2012 but would consider Sept start for 'the right candidate'. To cut a long story short I wasn't even shortlisted - in the past (with less experience) I have at least been shortlisted for similar positions. I'm quite convinced that my pregnancy and maternity leave has certainly had some influence on the outcome of my application but of course I will have no way of ever proving it.. Employers are not supposed to discriminate in this way but I think it's naive to assume that at times they don't - and they do it in a way that is impossible to prove! So I'm not wasting my time applying for any more jobs until after baby arrives, at which point I will not be disclosing that I'm on maternity leave. I realise your situation is different to mine OP but thought I'd throw my tuppence worth in anyway (and get it off my chest!!!!). Did you go ahead with the application in the end?
  9. ditto - true, they're not supposed to but you can't prove your pregnancy hasn't influenced a decision. I don't think any ht/govs would view it as a 'positive' at interview. Sorry for sounding so negative but I'm trying to be realistic. I am 8 months pg and looking to re locate, when I go for interview (hopefully) while on mat leave I will NOT even mention the baby, esp for a promoted post. Can she handle the responsibilities and work load while looking after a 6month old??? is what I think they'll be thinking
  10. Thing is it's obvious when you take time out for maternity. Also my HT whilst I was on a part time mat cover last year made it pretty clear (when I was applying for other part time jobs and not getting interviews - in the past I've mostly been interviewed for things) that 'other' HTs (not her, she hastily added) would see my age (can't hide it - got date of GCSEs in there!) and recent mat leave gap for 1 child would instantly be raising alarm bells and therefore people would be put off thinking I'm about to hop off and have more babies.
    I finished that temp contract in the summer and AM due to have another baby in 2 months time but that's coz I couldn't get a new job!!! I had intended a 4 year gap between kids.
    I worry that, even though I do NOT want more kids after this (never have done and don't see that changing!) I'll continue to be seen as a 'pregnancy risk' as HT said!
  11. Do you need to state that you have been off on MATleave? I didn't think you had to - the truth is (as long as you have a perm contract) you have been continously employed with no gaps. Whether or not the reference would say though......
  12. Thanks for you recent responses.
    And no I bottled it! didn't apply in the end. But that was because it was for an aspiring AsTrole . bit Too much, too soon. Had it have been for a standard Classroom teacher I probably would have. But now after reading your experiences Glad i didn't. Interveiw day is such a long old process.
    Reading your experiences It has made me come to the conclusion that its probably better to apply for a job when the baby is out & bump is gone, and not disclose maternity leave, it seems the only way to be fairly considered. Gawd! makes you wonder what if there wer no laws to protect us.
    Indirect discrimination is a huge issue, I am convinvinced i have recently suffered indirect discrimination of racism from a cluster of parents when they found out i would be their childs new teacher for the new term.( SLT didn't support me which is why im desperate to leave) I feel totally de-professionalised, de-motivated. and i need a fresh start.
    Another Question!!!
    do you think it is wise to say that my reason for leaving is because i want to re-locate to a post nearer to home. Should i dair mention that I have two small children?
    Please let me know your thoughts.
  13. Sad but true I feel.
    Re; you last Qs, I would say yes, you could mention to relocate to be nearer to family/for family reasons but personally, no, I wouldn't mention the small kids (and I am in the same boat). Small kids = need their mum, poss time off for kids being ill, will she give 110% the way a non-parent could/would?? etc . Your domestic circumstances are none of their business and people should/shouldn't get the job based on their own merit - not due to this type of indirect discrimination. I wonder how many men mention their family circumstances? I'm not having a go, just wondering as men seem more able to separate family and work lives.
  14. thought i would add my recent experience. i am a large 7 months pregnant, no way of hiding it. i applied for a post that doesn't come up very often. i was shortlisted for interview and so decided to ring HR and tell them i was 7 months pregnant to ensure that i didn't have to do too much standing etc for the interview. Thought it was better to be upfront, knowing that they can't officially discriminate on those grounds. Interview went well but they mad it clear that they wanted someone asap and may be willing to wait til sept for right person but...... I was convinced that i would not get it based on the start date. Tey offered me the job! HR rang to discuss my maternity leave and said that if i did want to take the full 52 weeks that i could and they would get in a temporary til I wanted to start, the job was mine regardless. So, if you are the person they want for the job, it won't matter how pregnant you are!
  15. I agree with what the previous poster has said, I went to interview for a headteacher post (i Know slightly mad!) a month ago when I was 6 months pregnant and very clearly pregnant. Again I was upfront about it and decided that if they wanted me they would wait. They did want me and are prepared to wait even though it means leaving a school without a headteacher for potentially 2 terms. If it is the right job and you are the right person you will end up with the job regardless of how pregnant you are! Good luck
  16. So glad to see that the right person for the job wins through from some experiences. Like some of the other posters, Im hoping a job either closer to home or in the town where my husband works comes up to start roughly when I want to return from mat leave (Feb). Im 30 weeks at the mo and couldnt contemplate putting myself through the interview process at present, but I will be heading off on interview once bump has arrived if the right job comes along. Following the points raised by some of the posters I wont be using bump as a reason for moving school, I will clearly state the school, position, or if necessary the cost of petrol!

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