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applying for a job in the school I attended

Discussion in 'Independent' started by sparklyrainbowfish, Mar 19, 2011.

  1. sparklyrainbowfish

    sparklyrainbowfish New commenter

    Hi all
    I was just after some advice.
    I have applied (and been shortlisted) for a job in the school I used to attend. It's a diamond formation 4-18 school, and I attended the girls school for my secondary education as the prep wasn't open to girls when I was that age. I've applied for a post in the prep school.
    I've never applied for an independent school position before, and always promised myself I would apply to this school if a suitable vacancy arose. This is the third time in the last five years that I have seen such a vacancy, and the only time I feel I may be in a good position to apply. I'm currently studying part-time for a doctorate in education, have a masters degree and a good few years' teaching in KS2 behind me. I've kept up to date with the school itself through the alumni association and have attended events there in recent years.
    I loved my time at the school, and wish that I could afford to send my own children there (that's another story!). I don't want to seem too effusive with memories of having been at the school and jeopardise my chances by not talking about things I should.
    Do you have any advice of the "dos and don'ts" for the interview day? It is because of my great experiences there as a student that I want to work there - but I don't want to sound over-emotional and unprofessional. Likewise, I don't want to avoid the issue as I'm sure it will come up (and I did mention it in my supporting statement).
    Any advice?
    One other thing - I need to be observed teaching a class. Does this work the same way as it would in state schools? (sorry if it's a daft question!)
    Thanks a lot,
  2. v12


    Your enthusiasm for the school and obvious sympathy for the ethos of the education they deliver will be a big plus for your chances.
    Yes, it does (and no it's not) - but our Headmaster doesn't tend to like 'safe' lessons and likes some spark of 'Wow!' - y'know, lessons which get the children asking questions and reluctant to leave at the end of the lesson.
    You need to be the following:
    Jolly and excessively polite
    Passionate about your subject.

    Never. Ever. Say bad things about your last school or previous colleagues - it is a surprisingly small place, the Prep School World ... and you never know who is whose Godparent!
    Good luck!

  3. Identical situation as myself believe it or not. Looking forward to the old stomping groud but I obviously need to hold myself with a degree of professionalism. Sound advice!
  4. sparklyrainbowfish

    sparklyrainbowfish New commenter

    I didn't get it in the end, but I had an amazing day. Even saw some of my old teachers!
    Good luck to you [​IMG]
  5. Ah that's a shame Sparkly... I bet it was a good day though? That's one of the things I'm nervous about rubbing shoulders with my old teachers, some I like, some I didn't, as equals! Very bizarre... where has the time gone?

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