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Applying for a job but have a holiday booked

Discussion in 'Career clinic' started by cfmurphy, Nov 6, 2017.

  1. cfmurphy

    cfmurphy New commenter

    Hello you lovely lot,

    I've just qualified as a primary teacher, but chose to do a year of supply before seeking a permanent teaching job in September. I wanted to get more experience, particularly in different year groups as I don't know which I prefer. After working so hard on my PGCE, my partner and I also thought this year would be an ideal chance to get in a holiday during term time when prices are cheap, before committing myself to school holiday-holidays only!

    However, the supply work has been slow, and I mean really slow. I've worked 12 days since the beginning of September, most of those only half days, and only 2 of those half days were actually teaching - all the rest was TA work. So, I've decided to start having a look at getting a job sooner than September, particularly as 2 local schools are advertising.

    So, I'm going to apply for the 2 jobs, but when do I tell them about the holiday? Do I tell them at all during the interview process, or only if I get the job? And if I do get the job, when then do I tell them? The holiday is 2 weeks in June.

    Any advice gratefully received!
  2. Lucilla90

    Lucilla90 Occasional commenter

    Personally, if I were you and I was offered a job, I would forego the holiday ( transfer it to a friend or family member or something). You’d have to take it without pay anyway, which may defeat the object of the cheaper break.

    If you must take the holiday, mention it when offered the job, not before. I’ve known of circumstances when I have been on the other side of the fence as an interviewer, where people have disclosed needing a couple of days off for their son’s graduation or whatever. Two weeks, in my view, is another matter in terms of commitment, children’s education etc...

    If you were the definite front-runner amongst “iffy” interviewees it would be one thing. If you and another interviewee were equally fabulous, this may tip the balance in terms of how you look commitment-wise.
  3. ilovesooty

    ilovesooty Lead commenter

    I'd seriously consider not going on the holiday at all if you secure employment.
  4. thatmaninthehat

    thatmaninthehat Occasional commenter

    Fully agree with above comments.Jobs are hard to get these days.I've been doing supply as well but it is very very slow.I've cut short 2 holidays this year myself to attend interviews.If you really need the job and get it forget the holiday.
  5. defenceagainstthedarkarts

    defenceagainstthedarkarts Occasional commenter

    I agree with all the above.

    This did actually happen to me once - I started a job in September and had a trip booked in the April. As things stood, the job was awful and I left quite promptly, securing another post with an easter start, so had to forgo the holiday due to the schools having different start dates.

    It hurts (mine was a wrench!) but the relief of having a post on a school I wasn't miserable in was fair exchange. Incidentally, I have a permanent post starting in January so am not too fussed, but supply is very thin. I have just had my second day today since September.
  6. drvs

    drvs Star commenter

    I want to have my cake.
    I want to eat my cake.
    But I want to have my cake.
    What to do?

    Book yourself something really nice for next summer - if you needed a nice holiday after your PGCE you're going to need a trip to the moon after your NQT year :)
  7. cb324

    cb324 Occasional commenter

    Just let them know it's already booked. A lot of people are saying forget the holiday but I would just be straight and see what they say. I moved to a new school with a pre booked holiday and they allowed me to go to it. I also knew someone at another school who joined with a prebooked holiday and was allowed the time off.

    I would tell them after they give you a verbal offer.
    cfmurphy likes this.
  8. lindenlea

    lindenlea Star commenter

    I agree with @cb324 . Tbh, it's quite a long way down the road. I suppose, when the time comes you might feel differently, but I'm sure schools do take staff on and allow for these arrangements.
    cfmurphy likes this.
  9. cfmurphy

    cfmurphy New commenter

    Thanks for the advice everyone!
    I shan't be cancelling the holiday; it's a transatlantic trip, already paid for etc.
    I am lucky enough to be in a situation where I do have savings and am not in dire need of employment for the money (yet!). I suppose the worst that can happen is I tell them about the holiday (if I'm offered the job in the first place) and they show me the door. There's plenty more fish in the sea, and it was never my intention to get a job until September 2018 anyway.

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