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Applying as the internal candidate

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by haggisrach, May 12, 2011.

  1. Treat it just the same as external, sell yourself. People don't always notice everything you do anyway. When shortlisting you have to match the person spec the same as anybody, you won't get any special favours. (or shouldn't do anyway) Only thing is you have to be 100% truthful! You can't exaggerate anything you do! But do make sure you sell yourself, don't assume they know everything you do.
  2. I think the difficult but for internal candidates is selling themselves to get the interview. I went for interview the other day where there was an internal candidate. They had told us one focus group level in the class but when candidates asked about other levels in the class and numbers of SEN etc... we were told that there would be no more information to make it a level playing field for all candidates. It wasn't as the internal candidate knew the children so it was clearly weighted in their favour. And there was no way the focus group I was given were working at that level - although that might have been the fact they had already done 6 lessons on exactly the same maths area.
  3. To reiterate what has already been said: treat it exactly as you would an external application. There have a been a few posts in the forum about internal candidates who felt uncomfortable 'blowing their own trumpet' in front of colleagues and were subsequently advised in feedback that they didn't sell themselves as effectively as they could have. Make the most of your inside knowledge but don't rely on it - it won't be enough in itself to differentiate you from external applicants. Don't hold back in pointing out your achievements to date (but make sure you're able to back them up if challenged), but also think about what else you want to achieve. Aligning your ambitions to what you already know about the school's objectives could be a powerful tool. Good luck...

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