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Apply to UCAS with Bulgarian degree

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by anelim1235, Feb 9, 2020.

  1. I have applied for teacher training. Completed all my application with UCAS. All my placements were provided by Exeter University. And i did went trough hell with their admissions department. From Bulgaria i have top grade masters degree in IT. Exeter University told me that i need to provide them with math syllabus at my secondary education. Despite i have payed and provided them with NARIC sertificate where clearly stated that i have math equivalent of GSCE.

    I was on 2 school interviews, children love me and assessing teachers where not that impress.

    I do know i live in a least diverce part of UK - south west, but please.

    After applying to SCITT for my second choice, i was refused again and the reason been that I have not done experience in state funded school.

    All my experience is from private school where i have been volenteering in the last 5 years.

    And on the same interview they mencioned that i can do equivelency tests instead of GSCE, and after on the rejection email they said that GSCE is essential, not even a chance if i really go and passGSCE.

    Can someone explain to me how to overcome prejustice and small minded people.

    And how to go about it.

    Thanks for everyone who reads this tread.
  2. MathMan1

    MathMan1 New commenter

    Hi, a couple of thoughts (BTW I'm not a teacher, or on a PGCE, I'm working through my degree at present):

    1. If the only reason you're being rejected is you've not got experience in the state school system, why not simply source a volunteer placement in a state school and rack up some time accordingly?

    AFAIK you won't require 5 yrs voluntary experience, but the sooner you build up a log of hours the better.

    You wrote, "All my placements were provided by Exeter University." Did they place you into a private school, or if not surely they'd got you into a state school?

    3. If they want you to take the maths GCSE, why not simply pay to sit it & take it? It shouldn't be difficult for you based upon your level of competence and then that's another barrier out of the way for you.

    4. From reading the wording of your post it appears you're not too fluent with written English (forgive me if I'm wrong but assuming you checked your post prior to submission, etc ... IYKWIM). That being so, there's perhaps the possibility that something similar might be occurring during any verbal face-to-face presentations you make, etc and that might be causing part of the problem, ie the rejection, but they've not said as much in direct terms.

    I don't know whether any of the above helps or gives you some focus for any next steps, hope some of it does.

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