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applied to NQT pool for SCE schools in germany

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by natalia2008, Jan 24, 2011.

  1. How long until people usually hear back? Do they phone/write/email? Pool closed on Friday.

    I read that they only contact you if successful. Has anyone else on here has applied for this pool?

    On the website the job details had over 1000 views, so even if half of those apply, thats 500 NQTs for 10 vacancies. My odds for my first ever application aren't looking too great!
  2. I applied last year. I was unsuccessful and they did contact me to tell me as well as feedback. Over 1000 people viewed the application last year, but only 150 ish applied and 6 were given the confirmed jobs and a further 9 were employed from the pool at a later date so your odds are about 1 in 8. Obviously this year more people might of applied and with SCE closing down within Germany over the next few years they might not employ as many this year, but your odds are better than you think !! Good Luck !! I know someone that applied this year as well. Ill let you know if she hears anything !
  3. thankyou for all that! its good to know that my odds are better than i thought. i think im just ridicously impaitent!
    did they contact you by phone? just wondering what im looking out for!
    id love to hear if she hears anything, ill post if i do too!
  4. I received an email about 7 days before the interviews. I was impatient last year and used to check my emails every couple of hours !! This year might be quicker as last year they advertised the normal teaching pool at the same time, which they didnt do this year. Where do you want to teach with SCE ?
  5. an email, thats good to know what I should be looking out for. I think I will now become obsessive with checking my emails!

    I have read so so much on SCE schools, and read threads on here, but I haven't found much information out about the specific different military bases in Germany. I looked at a few Ofsted reports and found a very small 60 pupil school, I would love a little school like that!

    Did you get offered the job? Are you at a SCE school now?
  6. Heard some bad news today, they had around 250 applications this year !
    Most the schools are small out here and the trouble is they will close or merge as the close down of Germany happens.
    Stay positive !! x
  7. Heard bad news this morning ! Around 250 applications this year ! Keep positive x
  8. I thought applications might be something like that. So makes my odds much less.
    Oh well, I have to keep positive and hope that my letter was good at least!!!!(after it was converted from word to a pdf, and then the pdf aligned it all funny. *sigh*)
    How did you find out?
    Thanks for all the info, it is good to know at least!
  9. I know somebody who works out there and they heard that the people short-listing were overwhelmed with applications this year. However you have to be in it to win in so ill keep my fingers crossed for you !
  10. eek i applied to,i was emailing the guy who like runs it or whatever and he said it was going to be real strict too
  11. has anyone heard anything yet from SCE?

    ahhh the waiting game!!!
  12. woooo woooot!!!!
    got an interview for march, am soooo happy, has anyone else heard back yet?
  13. Congratulations !! I am really pleased for you ! Did you find out by email ? I have not heard from my friend so I don't know if she heard anything yet ! Well done again !!!! X
  14. Thankyou so much! I got an email today but only just checked now!
    I am so happy, but I have to remember that it's only an interview and I guess they are interviewing quite a few people for the 10 vacancies, and this is my first teaching interview ever, so I am clueless as to what I would expect.
    I'd love to know if your friend got it!
  15. I'm still waiting to hear too - not looking so good now!
  16. I have looked at previous threads, but can anyone help me out on what type of questions there will be for the SCE NQT pool? Thankyou ever so much
  17. *i meant for the inteview for SCE NQT pool. Any help would be great! Thankyou ever so much
  18. At what point would you give up hope of hearing any news, either positive or negative?
  19. Hi there.
    I've also got an interview for the SCE pool on the 28th Feb in London. I heard around two weeks ago by email so I'm guessing that the replies are already out there for shortlisting.


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