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Applied ICT Unit 8

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by henry46, Aug 18, 2007.

  1. The moderators report mentions the use of (or lack of use of) project management tools. What are people using for this.

    Anything free sounds good ie Open Workbench.

  2. The moderators report mentions the use of (or lack of use of) project management tools. What are people using for this.

    Anything free sounds good ie Open Workbench.

  3. We are using MS project but only for a Gantt chart. We had our marks accepted so they seem satisfied with just a Gantt chart.

    I am sure there are freebies out there that would do as much as we are using MS Project for.
  4. I used GanttProject - free download - for a Gantt Chart and resources log.

    Next academic year (last year with Edexcel as going to OCR) am using the project management Software that comes with OpenMind2 which we have just bought. Love OpenMind and the way that students can export a mindmaps to such good effect.
  5. Thanks JD

    Have you by chance got an A grade unit 8 I could have a look at. As an mature NQT with no HOD I can cope but all I have is the Spec and the moderators report.

    We will combine Unit 8 with Unit 10.

  6. Henry46

    I do have a couple of As but not here at home, they are at school.

    Also, I am not sure that they are good examples. There are many things we are going to change this year. I don't think either of them would have been an A if Edexcel hadn't scaled the marks upward.

    The scaling on Unit 8 went from 1 to 4 additional marks and this would have made a difference. It would be better if you had more definite A grade work to look at.

    Anyone else able to help?
  7. I've got some work, but it is far too big to e-mail to anyone really (most are close to 40-50MB!). Post an e-mail addy and I'll see what I can do!

  8. We are doing this unit for the first time next year and are planning to use Ace Project: http://www.aceproject.com/ free and online.

  9. wilkinss

    wilkinss New commenter

    Henry 46, I have a unit 8 which got moderated at 97/100 grade A! Yes I am still recovering ..........

    You are very welcome to a copy of it. Colleagues have been very kind on this forum who helped me last year so if I can oblige I would be very happy to.

    I feel we did not cover the project review final meeting sign off that well and this I will improve next year as I feel they were slightly lenient this moderation window.
  10. wilkinss

    Thank you. As this will be the first time round for me with all these units any help is greatfully received.

    My email is

  11. Hi Wilkinss I'm in a similar fix to Henry46 could I see a copy of unit 8 as well thx in advance mark.rounders@fsmail.net
  12. I used dotproject free open source software with students this year and they found it very easy and intuitive to use will be using it again this year.

    If someone could e-mail me the A grade unit 8 it would be much appreciated kbritain at lycos dot com.

  13. If you're willing to send out the exemplar unit 8 still I would be very very grateful - Teaching this for the first time this year so anything is good :)

    My email is sleekfish85 at hotmail dot com

    Many thanks
  14. Wilkinss, pretty please can I have a copy too? Perhaps I can figure where I went wrong!

  15. Please could I have a copy of Unit 8? Also how were the marks for unit 7? After a lot of hard work they were not as bad as I had feared.


    Thanks in advance
  16. Just a thought

    How many of these posters are students going into year 13 next week?

  17. If they are, I for one would be happy - students that show an interest in their subject enough to pre-read things before the course even starts? Oh happy days :)

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