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Applied ICT Unit 7 6957 June 2014

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by chrishammond38, Mar 13, 2014.

  1. star184 i've emailed you
  2. star184

    star184 New commenter

    Have come up with the 4 table solution and agree on the whole - however really struggling with the fact that we have Production jobs that can be [sound/directing/actors etc] then....

    Characters can only be assigned to play by actors. How will this work in the 4 table solution??

    Do we not need a seperate Characters table? This will have the characyers and specify whether they are title roles or bit part characters?

    Basically, how will we be able to ensure that only an actor can be assigned to a character? and where will the detail about whether its a title role or bit part go?

    Any help/your thoughts would be much appreciated!!
  3. stevieash64

    stevieash64 New commenter

    HI Claire, would like to same please?

  4. Hi Olly

    My email address is cmcbride872@c2kni.net

    Many Thanks
  5. I agree, I have a solution with 5 tables and have used one form to append both actor and other roles to a tblStudent_Role, which has a composite key of studentID and productionID as students only ever have the same role in any production. Not sure it's perfect but seems to meet the criteria given in scenario
  6. SChell

    SChell New commenter

    I am happy to share what I have. Have done up to and including most of task 2. Haven't done the working out how many jobs are left yet. s_chell@hotmail.com.
  7. belch

    belch New commenter

  8. Hi Olly,

    Really struggling with this...any chance you could send me what you have please? Email address is britlandmike@googlemail.com.

  9. stevieash64

    stevieash64 New commenter

    Sorry steveash@ellimonar.es recentt change :)
  10. stevieash64

    stevieash64 New commenter

    HI would it be possible for a copy please, slow off the mark with gcse marking!! steveash@ellimonar.es much appreciated :)
  11. I have created the same 4 table solution with acting and non acting roles in the same table. I have completed the second form using drop downs for production and job to provide criteria for a third drop down for character. The form is linked to a query to display the details of the character or non acting role, whichever is selected in the job drop down. I have a drop down for suitable students that works off a query taking the criteria from the role details displayed on the form. The only issue that I have is that whilst student genders are male or female the role gender could be male, female or both. Logic says we need an if function that says if the role gender is male or female then use the role gender but if it could be both then leave the role gender criteria blank to bring up both genders. I am struggling with this if function. Has anyone else had the same problem and overcome it? I am assuming that the role gender will either have something like "both" or be left blank if it could be filled by male or female. Any suggestions welcome. Like the others I have used a dcount of assigned roles for each character subtracted from the total needed for that character to give the number of remaining actors required for the role. I was going to use an update query on a macro that would only allow the record to be saved if the number of actors still required is bigger than 0.
  12. byfield45

    byfield45 New commenter

    HELP!!!!!!!! just started to teach this unit would appreciate any help anyone could send me I am in a small independent school in Spain with no other teachers to ask. My email address is byfield45@aol.com Thanks
  13. colwynexile

    colwynexile Occasional commenter

    As far as the debate for 4 and 5 tables goes, I hate to say it but we'll only know for sure when the data files are released.

    4 tables - Student (1:M) cast, Production (1:M) cast, Role (1:M) cast

    Simplest solution and fine provided there are no fields for dates (Production table would then consist of multiple occurrences of the same performance separated by each date), or other productions (ok, until such time as the play is repeated - then back to the same problem as before with multiple occurrences)

    5 tables - Student (1:M) cast, Production (1:M) Performances, Production (1:M) Character, Perfroamces (1:M) cast, Character (1:M) cast

    Solution that would closely follow what you would expect in real life (and we all know how Edexcel love to follow real-world fits to problems) in that it allows you to have multiple performances of multiple productions, expecting to have a start date in the performances table

    It is best to make sure that your pupils could expect both set ups, however the actual construction of the forms will basically be the same, going to the same attribute for each db set up.
  14. Help! - teaching this unit for the first time following member of staff leaving at short notice. Would really appreciate any help you could send donnahaywsm@gmail.com Happy to share any ideas once I've got my head round the scenario
  15. belch

    belch New commenter


    I created exactly the same system as you have explained here, but then I decided to start of using a drop down to select the student first the rest is the same. I have used a dlookup so that the gender role appears automatically and then in the macro I have checked that if the student's gender is male and the role gender is female and vice versa to stop the macro also making sure that number of actors is not 0. Don't mind swapping databases. gnavas@gibc.edu.gi
  16. stevieash64

    stevieash64 New commenter

    Structure wise I think the model is similar in nature to the 'Dolphin Theatre' a few years back with some modifications. Instead of allocating vacant seats to customers you are allocating vacant roles/jobs to students. If you are new to this i would suggest looking at the Dolphin paper in the solved solutions section on the Edexcel website for some ideas.

    Stuggling with act 2 so Iam happy to share what I have so far steveash@ellimonar.es
  17. Hi Rob

    I have used an IF Function for the gender - left blank if can be either and it works ok. Similar to you, I have both roles in same table, drop down boxes and resulting sub form based on particular query. also only allowing role to be assigned if number needed is greater than 0. - macro and update query. Seems to work ok. Sticking with what I've got as addresses all requirements from scenario.

    How the students will remember all this is another thing!
  18. I had struggled massively to get an if function to return blank criteria for a query that searches the student gender based on the role gender. The issue has been that if the role gender was both I wanted to leave the query criteria for student gender blank so that it brought up both genders. I tried using "" Is NUll and all the usual things but I couldn't get the query to leave the criteria for student gender blank if the role gender was both. The only way I could get this to happen was if the iif function said if the role gender was both then use the gender criteria from the query,(which was by default blank), otherwise use the role gender. Has anyone else had the same problem?


    As you can see the first criteria is just the gender from the query to return a blank, however this seems like a work around and I can't understand why I can't just use "" to create a blank query criteria. Any one have any other suggestions.
  19. ian.sutton

    ian.sutton New commenter

    From Edexcel:

    Performance roles are a subset of the production jobs; production jobs would consist of: lighting, directing, acting, set design and so on which are the roles you are being asked to assign students to in Task 2. In Task 3 it is asking you to produce a report of the characters which haven't had an actor assigned to them.

    You could do a performance with just actors but you couldn't have a production without all the other jobs roles filled.

    I hope this clears it up for you.

    Kind Regards

    Definately helpful!

    Does this point to it being a 4 table solution?
  20. Chad78

    Chad78 New commenter

    I'm not too worried about whether it is 4 or 5 tables. The mark scheme should allow for different structures. What is more pressing is whether there is a pre-made link table with jobs that are unassigned or whether there is a 'number needed' field in the jobs/roles table. The forms and queries will obviously be quite different depending which way it is. I've got a solution for the pre-populated/unassigned roles structure and am willing to share if others can send me what they have got. Mail me at jchadwick@aesg.info

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