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Applied ICT Unit 7 6957 June 2014

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by chrishammond38, Mar 13, 2014.

  1. I've put together a database to help with the teaching of the june 2014 case study, I'm willing to share resources if anyone else has a database that i can have a look at?
  2. Hi hmaloney, I've got a prototype for first task - currently working on task 2. Also have supporting booklet that I make for my kids. Would love copy of what you have so far and will happily send you what I have. My email is olly723@hotmail.com. Thanks.
  3. Hi Olly723

    This is my first time teaching this edexcel unit, Im slightly lost as to what I should be advising my students... Would you be prepared to share your student support booklet with me? I haven't put a prototype together yet or I would be happy to share... Going to have a look at it today but I'm very much in the dark with structure of this CA, with no support from any other teachers in my school as previous teacher has left.
  4. ian.sutton

    ian.sutton New commenter

    Hi hmaloney, I picked up this course for the first time in Oct and have been playing catch up ever since. I have nothing at the moment that I can exchange but would really appreciate some advice \ resources on this. What I can offer in return are the findings of my class after we have had a look at the data \ tasks. My email is i.sutton@abbotbeyne.staffs.sch.uk
  5. Hi I am working on it today, hoping to get handout booklets created too, would appreciate swapping - deniseerickson@leggott.ac.uk
  6. Hi illy

    Do you want to do a swap too? Deniseerickson@leggott.ac.uk
  7. belch

    belch New commenter

    I have the first task done and currently working on Task 2 wouldn't mind swapping either gnavas@gibc.edu.gi
  8. ian.sutton

    ian.sutton New commenter

    Dear All Experienced Teachers of this Exam

    I have picked up this unit part way through this year having never taught it before. I am desperately seeking help \ guidance, as we have none in school, on the Unit 7 pre-release. I can see from this discussion that you are using your experience to draw up the expected scenario. Is it possible for me to share what you have come up with? It would be very much appreciated and I will pass back any comments from students.

    My email is: i.sutton@abbotbeyne.staffs.sch.uk
  9. jambocraig

    jambocraig New commenter

    [This post was deleted by moderators at the user's request]
  10. Dear all,

    I would be interested to share ideas and possible questions. I have so far worked on the 4 table structure and Task 1. If anyone is happy to discuss or share ideas/resources on Task 2 and 3 please email me at k992010work@gmail.com
  11. Hi ICT-Teacher80, happy to share. Let me know your email and will send you a dropbox link. Am sending emails to others today too.
  12. Hi all, have just sent link to dropbox solution to all those who requested with emails for task 1 and bit of task 2 plus student booklet. Is scrappy but does everything so far - though probably not in the best way. Anyway, hope it helps and would appreciate any stuff you might have. Thanks
  13. Hi everyone,

    I've taken a note of the email addresses posted and I've just sent an email with an attached data file and database. It is very basic but may be helpful to some of you. Any other materials or dropbox links people can share in return would be greatly appreciated!
  14. roblomp

    roblomp New commenter

    Hi, would appreciate any help, will send you my suggestions and any improvements i can offer. E-mail is roblomp@yahoo.com

    Many thanks.
  15. Hi roblomp, just sent you a link to dropbox solution .
  16. @roblomp I've sent you an email
  17. could i also get a link to the dropbox solution please? my email is hannah_maloney@hotmail.com . thanks
  18. star184

    star184 New commenter

    Hi Olly - please could we share resources too?

    Im working on task 1 and the evaluation at present, but would gladly swap if you would share what you have with me

    Thanks, Claire

  19. star184

    star184 New commenter

    please can we do the same hmaloney?

    My email is: claire784@yahoo.com

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