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Applied ICT Unit 7 6957 June 2014

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by chrishammond38, Mar 13, 2014.

  1. I'm on the same lines as you ICTgeek but not sure about the performance table being required. The second task states selecting the production and indicating which production job the student is to be assigned to. This doesn't indicate assigning to individual performances. On first look my interpretation is that the assumption will be roles filled for all the performances of that production and something for the evaluation. Although performance were required then the foreign key in tblRoles would need to be PerformanceID.

    EDIT: I've read the report requirements and see where Performance comes in and why you have put productionid as the foreign key.
  2. The 'updating any records as necessary' implies that the records in the link table will have been created already - with ProductionID and JobRole already filled. The assignment of a student would simply update the StudentID field in the link table.

    This would also allow the unfilled roles in task 3 to be easily identified.

    However it poses a problem with compound primary key in the link table if you only had ProductionID, JobRole and StudentID, as initially StudentID would be blank, and this may not account for the multiple occurances of certain job roles
  3. belch

    belch New commenter

    I agree with you petey_holland perhaps in the tblJobRole you can have a jobroleID and then ProductionID, JobID and StudentID as foriegn keys, expect you do not enforce the realtionship between studentID of tblstudent & tbljobrole.

    Edit: thinking about it you can enforce studentID, as foreign keys can be empty
  4. ICTgeek

    ICTgeek New commenter

    That would make more sense and then it would be easier to generate a list
  5. I have four tables, but I think that 'preferred job type' for student will be a broad actor/crew description, which will also be a field in the jobs table.

    tblProduction(ProdID, Description, Productiontype)

    tblStudent(StudentID, Contact Info, Gender, JobType)

    tblJobs(JobID, JobDescription, JobType, Gender, NumbRequired, NumbFilled)

    tblProdRoles(StudentID, JobID)

    This means that a student can only have one role in a production, but with JobID as a foreign key in ProdRoles, many students could have the same job.

    In Activity 2, you will be select a student. This will give you the job type. You can then select production roles with that job type. The NumbFilled is not elegant because it could be done 'on the fly' but we have seen this sort of construct in the past.

    I am prepared to be shot down on this as I am looking at this in between marking that I should be doing.
  6. This is close to what I was thinking but how does this system allow you to show the Character details on the second form. I have included a Character table as well as the 4 above and linked it to the Production table. Hopefully then the query can use the data from the production ID to populate the Character details on the form?
  7. I agree with borderguard, I think those are the 4 tables. Student, Production, Jobs and Roles. I am assuming Roles will include actors and non-acting roles?
  8. Yes, in my model, I think tblJobs will define all jobs whether acting or crewing - I should probably have called my linking file tblProdJobs.
  9. SChell

    SChell New commenter

    Here are my first thoughts:

    tblStudent(Student ID, fname, sname, gender)

    tblJob(JobID, name, description, Max No,) one to many link with tblStudent and one to many link with Performance

    tblPerformance(PerformanceID, Date, Matinee, Production ID, Job ID) link table

    tblProduction(ProductionID, name, type) one to many link with tblPerfofrmance
  10. AyeTea

    AyeTea New commenter

    I am assuming they have been using ?performance? and ?production? interchangeably throughout the scenario as there is no consistency in its use. Hence, no separate performance information - just maybe a start and end date for a production.
  11. SChell

    SChell New commenter

    That was my first thought but then I thought a production (of which they may already been existing data) would have many performances) hence the two tables in my suggestion
  12. Re: Performance and Production

    If what I think is right then the production will have different names - the current production being The Wizard of Oz, and will therefore need a table to store ProductionID and name

    There will then be a need to have multiple performances of the production, each with a different date. Therefore a separate Performance Table.

    As SChell suggested, this would confirm the need for an extra layer / 5th table as in one production has many performances
  13. Thanks for setting up this forum Chris - and welcome back to the madness everyone. I was wondering if anyone has looked at section 2: Assigning students to characters and other jobs for the wizard of Oz. It states that we need to use one form for this - do you think subforms would be an acceptable solution in this instance?
  14. I have always found that the quickest method is to import them and then use make table queries to make the individual tables from the imported ones. Just make sure you group correctly to ensure primary keys are not duplicated.
  15. jom202

    jom202 New commenter

    Hello all - it is interesting reading all of these posts. I am new to this unit and this exam, so am a little worried about it all. How do you now deal with practising ?? Do you make up datasets yourselves? Any advice / help much appreciated.
  16. I cannot think of another way of doing it sian_hug.

    I am thinking 2 subforms, one set up for adding an Actor (Cast), the second formatted to allow for the addition of Crew (production jobs), then displaying one or the other as depending on the option selected for that student.

    Or that might be too complected

  17. You make up your own datasets :)
  18. That is exactly what I was thinking AmosMac - but the one form comment threw me off - I have never seen that and didn't know if sub-forms would be ok
  19. I think that two subforms is too complex. Para 2 says that actors and crew are both production jobs, and I think, with the crew jobs just having a role count of 1 - like leading acting roles. 'Displaying the details for a character' could just mean a description and the number currently assigned to the role(job). The mention in activity 2 of 'suitable actor can be assigned' and then 'suitable student to be assigned' suggests the same process to me.

    At the moment, I think that you will select a production (bit woolly here because activity kind of suggests selecting student first). You would then have query that find all students who don't have a job on the selected production. Then, select a student from combo box based on that query. You would then need a query to select all the unfilled production jobs for that students preferred job type. They could be displayed in a sub form which could be common to either job type (actor/crew).

    I am trying to keep the model as simple as possible.
  20. I am thinking that you might be right borderguard, I am now thinking that in tblRoles/tblJobs, there should be:


    JobType/RoleType (limit to list of - Cast/Crew),



    SuitableFor (M/F - This being multi select)

    with "suitability" relating to gender requirement of the acting role

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