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APPLIED GCE - Unit 3 and Unit 7

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by donakebab, Apr 7, 2011.

  1. mock paper done for Unit 3 but dreading Unit 7 (as usual)
  2. dani2006

    dani2006 New commenter

    I know what you mean about the Unit 7....any chance of looking at your mock paper for Unit 3?

  3. any chance of the unit 3 mock too? sturrell@st-thomasmore.southend.sch.uk
    Looking at unit 7 now!
  4. Any chance of your mock for unit 3 also
  5. colwynexile

    colwynexile Occasional commenter

    I don't believe it!
    It's only been out a couple of hours and already you're passing around models.
    Any teachers out there please be aware that some of the posters on here may well be pupils after answers. There again, we go through this every year.
    Unit 3 looked horrible at first but actually is not too bad. Just need to think about a strategy to find the greatest profit as we can goal seek it this year.
    Unit 7 seems a bit more tricky. A bit of thought is needed for this!
  6. At the end of the day this is a mock - there is nothing wrong with passing ideas around to staff or pupils to try and solve a problem. So if it's pupils looking for answers it doesn;t actually matter.
    Having said that I don't normally give copies of my mock paper out because it's my own interpretation of it - as one parent once told me "the actual paper had a formula that wasn't on the mock"

  7. colwynexile

    colwynexile Occasional commenter

    OK can go with that. However if you can't get the model working and need other people's versions, how on earth are you going to teach you kids to do it?
    The only issue should be the nested IF used in the advertising spreadsheet, which is in all honesty a KS3 skill (we do teach it in Yr8).
    The only uncertainty is what is the criteria you will be restricted to by the exam paper when selecting the shops to leave open and the advertising to use, what strategy to use and how to justify it in the report, and what we'll chart.
  8. Hi im a genuine teacher, and all i ask is to compare your mock to what i have done to the model so far. If thats a problem and you don't want to share i respect your decision, however if there are others who like me are teaching this first time and would like to share ideas then please post.
  9. What nested if are you refering too?
    The only if function i can see is: =IF(Values!B21="Yes",Advertising!B18-1,0)
    i didnt think that was called a nested if, am i missing something?
    We could chart the profit and loss of the 12 months from the monthly figures sheet
  10. I found it fairly straightforward =IF(Values!B7="Yes",B7,0) - works fine for me. Sometimes the board throw something out of the ordinary in (like last year with =MAX(mulitmaps, aa) but I just try to solve the problem using the scenario to predict what the pupils might be asked to do. time is short atm so I am in a rush to get this done and dusted [​IMG]
    I write the paper with HINTS at the bottom of each section to give them a helping hand - it always works well and helps build confidence.
    I have done the following:
    Activity 1 (Understanding the Situation)
    Activity 2 (Sources of Information)
    Activity 3 - a) Importing Data, b) Woollen Products, Carved Products, Basketware, Jewellery, (c) Totals Sheet, (d) Values Sheet, (e) Advertising Sheet
    Activity 4 Recommendations and Report (I have gone for a formal report but in the past it's been a range of documentations so it's pot luck here I reckon) - I am also putting a couple of graphs in here because they often appear in the final paper.
    Activity 5 - Evaluation

  11. meant to say I puzzled last summer over graphs not returning zeros - if you use a formula like =IF(Values!B7="Yes",B7,"") which returns a blank as opposed to a 0 you can then do a graph that will show the advertising costs only for the stores identified and the advertising costs will still be added up. You can also do something similar using #N/A but any subsequent formulas won't work with this so you get #N/A on your total. Hope this helps someone as I was stumped with this for the British Basketball League
  12. I've got to put my Y13's through the 10 hour database exam in June. Would anyone be able to share how they split the exam up (10 one hour sessions, four 2.5 hour sessions etc.)?
  13. 1 hour (see the scenario, understand it), 3 x 2 hours, 1 x 1 hour, 1 x 2 hours
  14. we do 4 x 2.5 hours over 2 weeks which gives them time in between
  15. I spread it over 3 weeks but session 1 is just 1 hour so they get a feel for the paper
    Then a week gap for reason above
    Then 3 x 2 hours
    A final 3 hour session to get everything annotated and printed as well as last ditch efforts.
    Many did not need this last 3 hour session in January which was encouraging


  16. colwynexile

    colwynexile Occasional commenter

    The yellow section in the advertising sheet requires a formula that looks back at first sheet, sees if a shop is open, then if a certain type of advertising is being used, AND ONLY IF BOTH are yes reproduces the cost of that specific type of advertising for that specific shop from the mini table at the top of the advertising sheet.
    In order to acheive this you need to create a nested IF statement. To write this out long hand (as I can't get to the excel file at the moment) it would look like;
    =if(Shop's Yes/No cell="Yes",(if(advertising type yes/no cell="Yes",cell with cost of that advertising for that shop,0)),0)
    The only thing to remember when you copy and drag the formula across is to make it work you need to absolute reference the column for shop's yes/no cell and the row for advertising yes/no cell, or the process of drag/copy will move these references across and cause the word FALSE to appear. So you're doing $B7 for 1st and B$21 for 2nd.
    At the moment this seems to be the only 'difficult' bit in the spreadsheet. But we all know edexcel like to tease us and generally throw in some form of monkey wrench but getting the kids to do something extra. My only problem is coming up with a strategy for working the answers out - going through everypossible combination is not feasible in the time available and so will probably have to see what the exam papers tells them to do
    As for the rest of the paper, Qu 1, 2, and 5 will always be the same. Qu 4 I reckon will be a report where you compare the different types of advertising you can have for the shops you've picked. I think you'll have to pick two types, this gives 6 combinations of advertising, which can easily be graphed by creating a table on a new worksheet showing profit generated. There again, we all thought a report for last summer's exam, boy were we wrong!
  17. I usually put them in for 5 x2hour exams putting two at the end of one week and the following 3 in the next week. This gives them chance to have a weekend to digest and think. You will need to consider any pupils who have access arrangements and may need extra time.
  18. DEmsley

    DEmsley New commenter

    As above. <strike>Great minds think alike</strike>; fools seldom differ [​IMG]
  19. DEmsley

    DEmsley New commenter

    We're not doing Unit 7 this time as we got reasonable results in Jan. However I'd be tempted to do 1 or 2 sessions before Half Term and stretch the rest out over two weeks after half term - I'd use the full window (up to 16th June) with 17th available for contingencies.
  20. We're doing 1hr before 1/2 term, followed by 1.75 hr sessions (in general) spread over about 8 days. As things stand, there's quite a gap between the first and second session - time for lessons to get them back in the mood. There's also lots of times when exams CAN'T be done as there are clashes elsewhere with things like AS resits etc.

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