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Application form for Teaching Assistant Vacancy

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by nikki702, Mar 6, 2012.

  1. Hi everyone, could you please advise me how to start my application off?
    This is my first time applying for a teaching assistant vacancy I have my CACHE level 2 in supporting teaching and learning in schools and am currently doing my level 3. I have been volunteering in a school for 6 months and have am a trained peadiatric first aider.

    I just don't know what to write and I have already been sitting here for 40 mins looking at the application.

    Help me please! thankyou [​IMG]
  2. Hi. If you have the job description and person specification you could start by talking about your experience in school to relate to this as they will want to see you meet the criteria. I also tend to talk about what I do in school taking into account my relationships with pupils and teachers. I also talk about policies and being aware of safeguarding issues and who to report these to etc I talk about the importance of feedback to the teachers regarding child observation and making notes and recording progress. Just all the things really expected of a TA. I talk about my personal skills such as listening and communication and being able to build positive relationship.
    Sometimes it's hard just to get started but the job spec should help. Once you have written it you can then keep using it as I do, just odd tweaks here and there. I only qualified in January and have had one interview which I didn't get, lost out to a teacher but the Head said my application form was very good. I also have an interview next week so I'm happy with my application form.


  3. Thank you Annabel, I will give it a go. Good luck in your interview next week [​IMG]

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