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Application form done now what?

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by FilledWithDesire, Feb 4, 2012.

  1. FilledWithDesire

    FilledWithDesire New commenter

    I have requested an application form for my first job. Got it the day it came onto the TES, rang up and emailed everything ok. Filled out my application form and checked it about a million times. It doesnt say a cover letter is required. Is this my rookie mistake and a cover letter is always required? There is obviously a personal statement on the application form so that's all done and dusted. Just need to make sure it's perfect as I really want this job! Could someone advise?
  2. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    Are you sending these online or 'snailmail'?
    Certainly, even if it's just a quick' Dear xxxx, I enclose my application for the xxxxx post' type letter/message would be expected, I imagine.
  3. Go to the top of this forum and read the 'clickables' in the welcome thread (It's the one right at the top).

    Might also be an idea to re-write this post with 'Dear Theo' in the subject line as he is a resident expert on all things applicationy!
  4. FilledWithDesire

    FilledWithDesire New commenter

    thank you for your reply! I think I'll snail mail it because I have plenty of time and stuff on the form needs signing and I can't do that digitally. So just that and nothing about me? Do I address the Head?
  5. Unless the advert states otherwise (i.e. please send to the Heads PA, Miss so and so) then I would address it to the headteacher. It is incredibly unlikely the application form will even reach the head anyway, as their PAs are employed to pick out spammy rubbish (amongst other things). If addressed to the head it'll still get to the correct person.
  6. FilledWithDesire

    FilledWithDesire New commenter

    Thank you. I did read the welcome section that explained what they all were, but as they hadn't asked for a cover letter I was still a bit on the fence about it. Anyway this has helped and now I can get it sent off on Monday. I have seen people post on here that when they get an application so soon after request they throw it away! I hope this doesn't happen!

  7. It shouldn't happen. I obviously can't comment in whether it does or not. Good luck. :)
  8. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    I was trying to be deliberatley vague so you come up with your own wording.
    Yes addressed to the Head. If it is just a cover letter quite short (obviously a bit more than I wrote did say 'type thing' I believe.
    However if they ask for a letter of application or Personal Statement, provide much more detail.
    Best of luck with it!
  9. FilledWithDesire

    FilledWithDesire New commenter

    Just a quick one Lara. Theo says to put your name on every page; however at the top of the personal statement section it says no personal details. So what is the protocall? Are exec statements necessary?
  10. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    Yes (your name) somewhere on every page. Applications are often photocopied and pages can become detached, so they need to know whose importan tinformationit is. (That doesn't count as 'personal details)
    Exec statements, as far as I gather, are not generally asked for. They are in fact Theo's own brilliant invention.
    Even if you felt you couldn't include one (because of lack of space for instance) they do really help you focus on the requirements of the school to write your statement and/ or application.
  11. Oh, sorry,

    I thought you meant who should you send the final copy of the application letter to (as in the name on the envelope) rather than who you should address your covering letter to.

    Just to clarify- application/covering letter is addressed to the head, envelope is addressed to whatever the advert specifies.
  12. Also I've just completed an application form where it said 'Please do not add any personal details such as your name or address to any additional sheets you submit' so have not added my name to the top of the letter (it does make up part of the actual form though so perhaps they won't separate that bit).

    I have put the application ref number at the top of each page so, as asked.
  13. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    If the form is 'all in one', it shouldn't be a problem. It's usually where it says 'you may continue on an additional page if needed', that I put my name and ES of course). Perhaps you could somehow mention your name somehow within the body of the letter? I usually only add my name to pages where it isn't written.
    Find the statement "Please do not add any personal details such as your name or address to any additional sheets you submit'" rather puzzling myself. Will be intersting to see what Theo or Middlemarch make of that.
  14. FilledWithDesire

    FilledWithDesire New commenter

    I don't have a referance number unfortunately. So should I just get rid of my newly added footer and just leave the form as is? I'm assuming if they wanted my name on every page they would have said so instead of sayin 'no personal details' right?

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