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Application for PGDE Primary 2013 - Reference advice

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by lonelily_judy, Sep 8, 2012.

  1. Hi Everyone!

    I'm applying to Moray House after a failed interview for the 2011/12 academic year. I have been working in a partnership nursery since then with the pre-school group, working towards a CCLD 3. I took a year out from applying last year as i simply couldn't afford to work part time and volunteer anymore and needed a full-time job! My time at the nursery has provided me with great opportunities and experience and it has a really great reputation in the city for the standard of care and education it provides - which i'm hoping the admissions board will be aware of and won't just write off as another nursery!
    Anyway, having had one bad experience of applying in 2009 (where my referee submitted my reference AFTER the deadline and so i wasn't considered!) and a failed interview in 2011, i'm trying to get as prepared as possible so that i can get my application in as soon as they open and begin researching and preparing for interview. My question is that on my application should i provide my employer as my first reference? I graduated in 2008 and so wasn't sure whether this would still be considered 'within 4 years' for the purposes of the GTTR expecting you to use your university tutor. Obviously my employer could give a more relevant and up-to-date reference, but i got a 2;2 in my Law degree due to extenuating circumstances that affected my final exam performance. I managed to get an interview last time despite this, but am not sure whether this is because my tutor explained this (obviously i didn't get to see the reference). I am aware that Edinburgh have now specifically stated that they would prefer 2;1's, which makes me a little nervous as, whilst it was common knowledge they placed preference on those with higher degrees, they hadn't said it outright!

    So, employer or tutor - what are peoples thoughts?!

  2. amysdad

    amysdad Established commenter

    Firstly, check with GTTR - better to do that than submit something they're going to reject. Secondly, check the 2:2 with the university - if it was Edinburgh that you did your original law degree with then they might be a bit more flexible.
    On the referee, apart from if you've recently graduated it doesn't have to be an employer - it can be someone who knows me well. If your employer knows you're applying for teaching and will be leaving if you get on the course, then you can use your employer - but if they don't I'd advise against it at this stage and get someone who knows you well to provide the reference (maybe a head at a school where you've volunteered?)

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