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Appealing of an extension of NQT and involvement with Union

Discussion in 'Career clinic' started by DrYu, Jan 8, 2019.

  1. DrYu

    DrYu New commenter

    Dear all,


    I am considering appealing the decision from ISTip to extend my NQT. I was expected to pass by Christmas but the school does not agree. I have now also resigned from the post. A teacher friend suggested that I should contact the Union.

    I have 20 working days to appeal and I would like the Teaching Regulation Agency to PASS my NQT as technically, I "think" I have done FOUR terms already, and I have met Teachers' Standards.

    1. In this kind of situation, what could I be asking of Union?
    2. What kind of support I could get?
    3. If anyone had experience, what kind of evidence is the best to present?
    4. Would a statement of my opinion be good enough?
    5. In Induction appeals procedures, it also refers to something called witness, would it be worthy asking a (former) colleague from the school?


    I started "teaching" long before my formal teacher training.
    But long story short,

    2015-16 - Obtained QTS in a state school
    2016-17 - NQT was not easy. One of the classes was taken down due to behavior. Therefore a further reduction of the 90% timetable resulted in a 6-week extension if I has stayed in the same school. But I did not. So I had to complete another FULL term in a new setting - told it's legal requirement. I was then an independent school, ISTip was the external QA.

    2017-18 - worked in an independent sector, did not continue my NQT, no problem whatsoever.

    2018 - now - only been told it was going to be extended again only two weeks' before Christmas. More background here:

    I was flagged as NQT at risk in the first school. Don't want to say too much here. But in the new school, a visit from IStip during last half term was carried out. It was then left as "not at risk". So I was kind of hoping to finish by Christmas and I believe the school was positive too.

    Then after the half term, mentor was absent due to personal reason for about three weeks, however, I kept my regular meeting with my HoD as usual. Normally, I meet both of them on the two hours of reduced timetable. Then right after my mentor came back, she told me that the school is considering to extend my NQT for another term until Easter. I was obviously shocked and surprised.

    Not saying I am perfect and I do have my targets and things to work on, but still surprised. No observations of me was done during the time my mentor was absent. But then only after the school had requested the Extension to ISTip, lots of observations were carried out, and "evidence" was gathered. So I felt that they were gathering evidence to "not passing" me by Christmas...

    I hope this gives a good picture of my side of the story.

    Thanks for your time and suggestions.
  2. caterpillartobutterfly

    caterpillartobutterfly Star commenter

    Ring the union helpline and have a conversation. See what they advise when you tell them far more detail than you should post on here.
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  3. DrYu

    DrYu New commenter


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