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Discussion in 'Primary' started by dc521, Apr 28, 2012.

  1. dc521

    dc521 New commenter

    Unfortuntately, we are still stuck with it :(
  2. I have never used the grids in the way that they should be used. I don't like the way that children are grouped together, like they all have the same needs.I like the fact that they break down the levels, but I use them to inform my teaching rather than as an assessment tool. For writing, I use some grids that we have used for a long time. They were produced by the LEA, and are similar to APP, but in slightly more detail. For reading, I use a combination of old sats papers and targeted questions during guided reading. For maths I use a combination of old papers again, targeted questions during lessons and frequent testing. I do teach year 6, so it's easy to use old sats papers.
  3. Moisy

    Moisy New commenter

    Thanks for your replies. LGR22-when you say you use it to inform your teaching are you using it as a planning tool then?
  4. We are using APP and testing - for every child individually.
  5. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    Us too, for reading, writing and maths. In fact we are just developing our use of APP in reading and maths, just developing it long after many schools have realised to stupidity of using it and moved on. There is also talk of starting to introduce it in September for science!

    I'd like to know what else is possible as well...actually I know lots of other possibilities, just not able to use them!
  6. Using it as a planning tool (to identify what the next steps for children are) too. Then assessing but at a later date to check that the children can apply the skill without prompting.
    Feel sorry for the schools that are having to carry it out for every single child. For those that do, what impact does it have? Do you tailor the teaching to plug the gaps? Or do you find it to be a paper exercise?
  7. groovyshell83

    groovyshell83 Occasional commenter

    I love the maths APP. I use it to plan units of work, differentiate activities, set targets and as I APP every child through choice, as I also don't like grouping the children, I also use it to plan interventions according to what the children need and what their gaps are.
    As for the reading and writing... I hate it. The writing is heavily focused on sentence strucutre and grammar which I don't have a problem with until i come to use the sats mark schemes to level my year 6s and they focus more on composition and effect. There are so many inconsistencies!
    The reading - where do I start. Soooo woolly with no explanation of what the actual statements mean. I also find it hard to get the evidence for highlighting statements off.
    We started to use the science this year but once again... it is wooly and ridiculous. So many statements that do not fit in to the actual teaching of science knowledge which ocne again, they need to pass their SATs tests.
    I hate testing the children loads but I think if that is what the govt want us to do, then they need to bring our assessment tools up to date and inline with what we are actually testing the children on as thr two systems do not match up.
  8. Moisy

    Moisy New commenter

    We want to scrap using APP because we do not see the value of it. We have termly assessments, moderated writing and tracking matrices and termly targets. So we are thinking of having moderated maths and reading too to compliment the termly assessments, hopefully cutting down on the time and effort we have been putting into gathering APP evidence. So what are others doing who are not doing APP?

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