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Discussion in 'Assessment' started by MrsELJones, Mar 7, 2011.

  1. MrsELJones

    MrsELJones New commenter

    I have been away for a couple of years and am trying to get to grips with app. My friend loves it, and I know others do too, but I am really struggling to get my head around it. I have read about it and I understand what I am supposed to do, but how on earth do I do it for all children in all subjects? I have tried to do it with a small number of children, but that seems difficult too because I don't know the " app guidlines" off by heart so i end up trawling through them looking for something that I could highlight. Then I found out I can't hightlight anything if I have only just taught it and I have to see if the children know it in 2 weeks time. I am scratching my head with this one. Do they expect teachers to sit every couple of weeks with everybook for every lesson looking for evidence to so that we can highlight on an App sheet. How are we supposed to do this without going completely insane. Now that it has been in for a while do teachers still like it? Can somebody please tell me a mangeable way of doing it. I know it isn't statautory, what would happen if I refused? :) I feel like I am going to be teaching lessons just so that I can get things highlighted. I work in a very tough primary school where most children have English as a second language and a whole table in my class don't have any English at all. This app malarkey just puts the icing on the cake.
  2. In our school we are split into 3 assessment periods which helps create the volume of work needed to APP confidently. I also teach in a school with high proportation of EAL pupils.
    We APP every child in writing - but in groups for Reading and Maths - although these become very fluid as children move and become more confident so this is an area of development for us at the moment - how to get it accurate.

    In APP writing, it is important to look at writing across a range of books - writing in other areas, e.g. diary entry in RE, intructions in Science etc etc as these will not have been directly taught. At the end of each period I sit with each of the children's writing and go through them, highlighting areas that can now be confidently seen. (For each pupil) Each year group highlights in their own colour and dates what has been highlighted as some pupils may make progress but not move up a sub level / level. To be fair it does take me a while probably about 3 nights but it is worth it because it builds up an excellent picture of what the children can and can't do. I then create targets and focusses from what is missing on the APP.
  3. MrsELJones

    MrsELJones New commenter

    Thank you very much for taking the time to message me.
    I can see how APP would be useful for a writing assessment, and although it would be time consuming it would be useful. At least when assessing writing, children are writing all the time in most lessons, so looking at their work in all subjects is pretty straight forward. However, when assessing for any other subject this must be a lot more difficult. For example, if the children have just done a lesson on perimeter, i can't highlight anything because they have just learnt it. Do i then have to think of another way to get perimeter into a different subject so that i can safely say they that they know it or don't know it? Also, if like you say, assess in groups, what happens if they all know it except one child? How does that work? Would you just put a little note on the sheet to say that the whole group knew it apart from little jimmy? Sorry if i am being a bit thick. Thats the trouble when travelling the world, its a great experience but you don't half miss a lot of inset training. I have come back feeling like an NQT again. All unsure and apprehensive.
    Thanks again
  4. this is a fab site! Thank you! I really wanted pupil friendly APP sheets. Jgsearl you are my saviour. You have saved me reinventing the wheel. Wooooo hooo ;0)
  5. Thanks ... dad!

    ... really ... only joking... :0)

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