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APP Grid AF order - crazy!!!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by sirharrypearce, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. sirharrypearce

    sirharrypearce New commenter

    Can anyone explain why the APP grids go in the sequence AF5, AF6, AF3, AF4, AF1, AF2, AF7, AF8?

    Which don't they go numerically from AF1 - AF8?
  2. Purely and simply to annoy me, every time I have to tick and highlight one of the stupid things. [​IMG]
  3. CarrieV

    CarrieV Lead commenter

    So why didn't they call AF5, AF1 and AF6 AF2?
  4. The assessment foci were not designed at the same time as the APP grids; they were originally (and still are) the way in which coverage of the Literacy / English curriculum was mapped over time in end of key stage assessments. APP came along later, when the areas of the curriculum in the 'middle' AFs were considered to be of a greater 'importance' when looking at the level of a pupil, hence the grids not being in order - indeed, how you make a judgement about the sub-level at which a pupil is working if affected by the particular AFs they are meeting - there's further guidance in the primary and secondary handbooks on the national archives site.
  5. How sad that education has come to this gobbledy-gook.

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