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APP for science - KS1 and 2

Discussion in 'Primary' started by planespotter, Jul 19, 2009.

  1. deanow

    deanow New commenter

  2. My word, planespotter! So many requests.
    Please can I add my name to the ever increasing list.....
    Thanks in anticipation - you are a star
  3. rumpelteazer

    rumpelteazer New commenter

  4. Would love a copy of the science APP levels - just what I need!!

    Many thanks in advance

  5. Bagpuss27

    Bagpuss27 New commenter

    I'd love a copy too if you don't mind
  6. You all have science APP mail. Planespotter x
  7. You all have science APP mail.

    Planespotter x
  8. sounds great! vmerefield@hotmail.com
  9. Would be grateful if you could email me a copy of these.


  10. Yes please! Thanks very much.
  11. if you are still going with the offer I would love a copy too. my email is stax133@talktalk.net
    many thanks
  12. I've just been on a KS2 KS3 course on APP and am desperate to find more info. I'd love a copy, hope you're still doing them!!
  13. Yes please that would be fab. I am attempting to co-ordinate science in a small primary school, so wd be very useful to work towards these!
    Alison Chalmers ali3girls@aol.co.uk
  14. I would love a copy please if it is still possible
  15. OOO yes please, we have ICT ones too, if I can work out how to send them to you if youd like them?

  16. any chance of a copy - i know i've left it abit late but here's hoping ! - thanks
    my e-mail is bakerjo@hotmail.co.uk

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