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APP and AFL whats the difference

Discussion in 'Assessment' started by mr-average-teacher, Oct 16, 2011.

  1. Im about to go to a job interview ive read all the stuff from DFEE they appear to be the same, no one at our school seems to know the differfromence as we just child mine them here to stop the kids from fighting each other, learnin does take place but its a fight so come on any know the difference ?
  2. The APP sheets themselves are not AfL. It is all about how you use them. If you use the APP sheets, or target sheets based on them, as a means of continuous assessment, through which you plan learning tightly related to specific next steps, you are doing part of AfL.
    Another part of AfL is what teachers do during the course of a lesson. The teacher might organise groups on the basis of assessing prior knowledge during whole class teaching. S/he might hold a group back for some reinforcement before letting them loose on the task. S/he will check on progress during the lesson and be ready to be flexible in relation to the planned work. S/he might see that a child is flying through the work, or is struggling, and move them on to the work of a different group. She might just spend some time explaining. Most teachers are good at all of this.
    People have devised many different ways of doing mini assessments, all of which help in the AfL process, but the bottom line is quite simple. Are you assessig, planning and working to meet the learning needs of the child, or are you delivering content. AfL is the former. APP used well is just one of the teacher's tools in AfL.

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