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APP - Already Past Practice?

Discussion in 'Assessment' started by retroleftie, Apr 20, 2012.

  1. I am just introducing APP sheets to the Special School I am Deputy at. I know, I know mainstream have been doing them for years!
    I have two questions ; one is about the evidence needed to backup the sheets.The APP guidance clearly states that the gvt does not want weighty portfolios of evidence. I am thinking we need to keep just key pieces that support the level judgement? I should say here that we are using the NC sheets but I have also created P Scale sheets too. However if a teacher writes ' see Autumn 11 Topic Book' do they then need to keep that Topic book indefinitely in case OFSTED want to see the referenced evidence?
    The second question is if people are still using APP sheets ; I met some mainstream colleagues who told me they had stopped using APP and had been advised to just use the National Curriculum Programmes of Study or might have been the Level Descriptors. Any one got any views /experience on this?
    Thanks for any help with this - apologies if you've all had these discusssions before.

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