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Anyone won a part time appeal?

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by MissGoodison, May 16, 2017.

  1. MissGoodison

    MissGoodison New commenter

    I recently wrote my school a letter saying I would like to return to work for three days rather than five, I am support staff so thought this would lend itself to me not being that important if I'm honest...got to a meeting to be told no on the grounds that 1. They can't distribute my work among the people in my department 2.They can't get anyone in to cover the two days and 3. They can't offer the same quality of intervention as other subjects with full time staff..

    I was gobsmacked at the last one because for the 10 months I've been off they have had no one do my job at all!They claim I was so good and it's SO important but they have literally left my job empty and open, clearly not as important as they are claiming then!..I've been offered no compromise or suggestions where to go next so obviously I'm going to appeal.

    My question is has anyone appeal and won?I'm interested to hear the reasons people gave and ways they counter argued what their employers deemed good enough reasons.

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