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Anyone willing to help?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by xkeeleyx, Jun 14, 2011.

  1. Good afternoon all.
    I'm hoping that some of you lovely experienced people could possibly help me out [​IMG]
    I'm an NQT, and yesterday I recieved a letter inviting me for an interview this coming Friday (the 17th) for a FS1 teacher post.
    As part of my interview they've asked me to run a 30minute long good quality 'learning through play' activity of my choosing as part of continuous provision. I've tried brainstorming some ideas, but as I can choose to do anything I'm not 100% sure where to start or focus on. I really want to pack a punch and do something different - so I was wondering if anybody has any suggestions for activities that I could do? (it's really a broad request I know)

    I also have to give a brief 5 minute presentation entitled "How you can achieve high quality learning in an integrated foundation unit" - any tips for this too would be greatly appreciated as ideally I want it to stand out and not just cover basics.
    I have taught in FS2 before quite a few times so know what FS is about, but for my last couple of placements at university and for the first teaching term of my NQT year, I have been up in KS1 so feel a little out of touch and brain dead.

    Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions.
  2. Have you looked at www.foundation-stage.info?
  3. I have looked on that forum before, but because you have to join to get the most out of it there's not much really to go at.
    I'm really stuck and feel like I should call and decline the interview as I am still no further forward.
    The only idea I have is to look at, and talk about, recognising different patterns - such as what the children notice about the colours/shapes etc. Then I would have children make their own patterned necklaces and bracelets using cut up coloured straws and string, either making their own pattern and then describing it, or copying patterns off cards and then describing it.

  4. Don't cancel the interview! Even if you don't get this job, you will get to see the other presentations and learn from them. Also, I have been offered work based on interviews that I 'failed'.
    Take along an activity that you have done before with FS children, maybe based on a book that you can share with them. Be brave and choose something lively eg dressing up in silly hats to role play.
    For the presentation, they just want to know how you see learning in the FS, so lots of free-flow and how you will build in learning opps so talk about how you make links. Keep it specific to what you have already done eg if you had a fruit shop role play you had weighing and counting money, prices, writing shopping lists and recipes.
    Above all, smile and enjoy the day. Take a notebook and jot down the questions you are asked and the feedback you are given.
    Good luck!

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