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Anyone who has applied for primary education degree with QTS?

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by TKD86, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. Fillygirl have you had an offer yet?
  2. HI
    No not yet ![​IMG]
    Hope to hear something nxt wk.[​IMG]
    Fillygirl [​IMG]
  3. Anybody heard anything yet ???
    I have rung Southampton today,I was told should hear by post this week if I have got an interview !
    Also told they have been over run with applications this year.[​IMG]
    Not good eh!
    filly [​IMG]
  4. I;had a formal offer from University of Greenwich on Friday but they want me to confirm whether I wish to accept the place within 14 days.... kind of hard when you're still waiting to hear from other HEI's. I've also had a yes for an Early Years Degree. Just getting very frustrated waiting to hear from everyone.
  5. awww well done!
    Least you've heard though! Wish I had! Has anyone else heard anything at all? Im so sick of waiting now its the worst feeling ever. Has anyone applied to Sunderland/Durham/York?
  6. I've applied for a TT course at Sunderland University and they still say they are awaiting confirmation from the TDA!! Has anyone esle heard anything! I'm getting sick of waiting now, i feel like my life is hanging in the balance!


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