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Anyone wanna be diet buddies?

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by pigginkt, Jan 4, 2010.

  1. pigginkt

    pigginkt New commenter

    Hey all
    Started my New Year diet or 'lifestyle change' today. I'm currently 13st 6lbs, the heaviest I've ever been, I'm hoping to get down to 10st at least by the summer. Did pretty well foodwise today:
    B: 2x weetabix, OJ
    S: Apple
    L: Chicken and bacon salad
    S: 1/2 banana
    D: Grilled chicken and beef noodles
    E: 1 hour on treadmill

    Anyone wanna join me?
  2. Me!! Me!! But I don't want to do an hour on the treadmill!! I mean this absolutely not rudely, when you say an hour aon the t/m, do you mean running or walking? There is no way I can run at all, let alone do an hour.
    I have been quite good today, too, food-wise, although ahd some bad news at school and scoffed 3 Christmas chocs.
    I have considered Slimming World and Rosemary Conley diets. At the moment I think I might just buy ready meals for the evening and have Ryvitas and light Babybel or something at lunch. Now I am back at work I don't think I am going to have the energy to cook properly, which I would rather do, really.
  3. pigginkt

    pigginkt New commenter

    Nooo I can't run, it makes me feel sick, I power walk on treadmill. Well done on your good food day, I was reaaalllly tempted by choccies and biscuits at work but I'm the type of person who wouldn't stop at 3!! Have you tried the Tesco lighter choices ready meals? I have these when I can't be bothered to cook, only around 500 cals each I think and fill ou up!
  4. Oh dear, I haven't been terribly good since being home, I am afraid! I did buy a couple of meals to sort me through theweek, though, and will be good at lunch. mr g is going to be good as well, so that will help. He can just eat fruit at lunch, though, which i can't. Mind you today was a teacher day which is not as demanding as a proper day.
    Have you got a gym programme or do you treadmill each time? An hour is a long time, I always think of it as time when i am not eating, at least!
  5. pigginkt

    pigginkt New commenter

    lol yeah! not sure how long I can keep it up! I have a treadmill at home, trying street dancing class tommorow night and going hill walking on sundays.. gyms bore me and I never stick to it!
  6. OMG you are so good you are making me feel a failure. I will have to go and find that family box of Roses to make me feel better!
    i think you are young, KT, are you? i am old so i don't have as much energy as you.
    What is your downfall?
    Me: choc, crisps and adding things. I can't have anything without adding things - pesto sauce, cheese, etc. It adds so many calories and I need to stop!
  7. Can I join? Find it quite motivating to share experiences with others.
    Start weight 12st - also the heaviest ive ever been. Never been below about 10st and was happy then so thats my aim.
    Have purchased wiifit and biggest loser game which is better - it schedules 'work outs' that are quite intense for 30 minutes, three times a week, then once a week you have a weigh in. Also bought a cross trainer in the argos sale.
    Breakfast - Coffee - milk and 2 light sugars (not a breakfast fan, but cant live without coffee!)
    Lunch - Wholemeal pitta with salad and prawns
    Dinner - Baked sweet potato with light coleslaw, tuna and extra light mayo, and salad.
    Toffee Muller Light for pudding!
    Did some wiifit games, and 10 minutes on the crosstrainer (120cals)
  8. i can't run either, my ex used to say everyone could run but i maintain i couldn't,lol!!
    i am doing the Special K diet :)
  9. we were talking about that today, Beckie. Will you be able to keep it up? I would only manage one day.
    Impulce have you joined SW yet? I was thinking about doing it online, but I think maybe at the moment buying meals (and not adding to them!) might be best for me.
  10. I cant stand special K, bleurgh! Tastes of cardboard. Think if i am going to do this ive got to swap the stodge for healthy dinners that i actually like, otherwise ill just get stressed and give up. Im not a big one for snacking so thats not a problem, but LOVE my sausages, mash, pie, etc etc!
    Have not joined slimming world as ive spent SOOO much money on wiifit/crosstrainer this month that im going to try and do it myself first. Might join at a later point if i struggle though.
  11. I have barely gone to the gym this month (it was closed a lot over Christmas though) and that costs over 30 per month, which makes SW a better bargain.
    I am still in two minds, but will see. A you say you can always join later. Are you a girl Impulce or a boy?
  12. Im a 23 year old girl, What about you?
    Ive had rarely-used gym memberships most of my life but dont stick to it as i cant be bothered to make the effort to actually get there and if you go you feel like youve got to spend a good hour and a half there, whilst in reality id rather do a smaller amount, more often, in the comfort of my own home. So hoping the cross trainer will help!
  13. an hour and a half? Bloody hell girl, were do you find the time?? I am really old but i am a gil as well. i had a feeling you were a boy, sorry. I had a cross-trainer here but hated it. Work has been manic and I have found it really hard to get to the gym recently. I got quite fed upo as I didn't lose any weight (although I did improve my body stats). mind you I wasn't really trying to eat sensibly. Perhaps this will be the time it works!!
  14. I dont find the time thats the point! :p But when I did go I spent so long getting there, sorting music out, ramming everything in a locker etc that i tried to burn 3-400 calories and make it worth the effort of actually dragging myself there in the firstplace! Whereas at home, it doesnt matter what i wear, i can watch what i want on tv without caring about anyone else, and can just jump on the crosstrainer when ive got a spare few minutes.
    I went through a phase one very boring summer when id just broke up with a partner and felt incredibly down and lonely, so went to the local gym every day and forced myself to run longer each day, and started to really feel the benefits and look so much better, but i was running on pure bloody misery so it didnt last!!
  15. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    Can I join?
    I'm still trying to lose my baby weight, 6.5 months on :( No idea how much I weigh now, but i am judging my weightloss by my pre-pregnancy jeans, which do up, but I have a vile muffin top in them so can't wear them in public yet. The muffin top has decreased a lot though.
    I went back to the gym when my baby was 7 weeks old, and have been 4 or 5 times every week since then. I'm watching what I eat, and following the SW diet since someone e-mailed all the info on it.
    I have a personal trainer, but she's been away for the past 7 weeks. At last check, i'd lost about 24 inches all over.
  16. fantastischfish

    fantastischfish Established commenter

    Good luck to all.
    To the OP, you probably already do this, but if not I heartily recommend doing a bit of an incline on the treadmill, or even a programme that varies the incline. It makes you move your hips more and is great for slimming down the waist.

  17. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    Yeah, incline is good. Also, try to work your way up to running if you can. Walk 2 mins, run 1 min and so on. I can run for about 10 mins in a row sometimes, if I'm in the right mood :)
  18. pigginkt

    pigginkt New commenter

    Hey all new peeps!
    I'm 23 too! I was going to do street dancing class tonight but I'm soo knackered! And it's at 8:30pm about 40 minutes away and I don't feel like I have the energy! Might see if there's one at the weekend somewhere. I'll do the treadmill instead or some boxing. I haven't got an incline on my treadmill unfortunately.
    Today is another good day!
    B: 2 x weetabix, OJ
    L: 1/2 carton of lentil and bacon soup, seeded bagel, banana
    S: Apple
    D: Chicken and veg stir fry
    S: Yoghurt
    Woo! Are we going to do weigh ins on fridays? I'm allowing myself one nice meal a week to look forward to (probs pizza or chinese), I used to have this most days so it's an improvement!
  19. Today:
    B - Slice of wholemeal toast with butter (Cant eat anything plain, bleurgh)
    L - Wholemeal pitta with tuna and light mayo and salad
    D - Cod, baked potato, hollandaise sauce, steamed veg.
    Baked potato will have butter too and im sure hollondaise isnt the healthiest sauce, but ive got to get my moisture!!!!

    According to my biggest loser game i have lost 5lbs since last week!!?? Think that might be partly down to the fact that i was having a particularly lardy day when i first weighed on it. Today am 11st12lbs which is the lower end of what i tend to average, so am watching this space.
  20. Fridays sounds like a good idea for a weigh-in. Have I got to say how much I weigh though/ I don't want to, although my scales are in kilos so it doesn't count. Sadly they do weigh heavy.
    I wish I could have pizza every week, it's one of my real faves. I have a delivered pizza once a year, honestly. Usually my Christmas treat. Chica I really admire your determination, I bet you look great.
    I am afraid I ate a HUGE piece of cake, it was someone's birthday. I took a piece intending to share with Mr G but he wanted the other one so we had a piece each AND I took a bite out of his as well. Was that bad? We didn't have lunch after that though.
    I just had cauli cheese for tea, I think just having ready meals will help.
    Impulce you are a skinny minny, you minx!
    I need to go and carry on with some work, doing a mammoth application form.
    Remember to do as I say, not as I do!!

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