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Anyone waiting to hear? (USA)

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by salofi, Mar 20, 2011.

  1. Just wondered if anyone else on here is waiting to hear from a group of schools in the USA?
    My understanding is that the last interviews ended just over a week ago so, according to the time frame they gave me, I am expecting to hear anytime soon. Just wondered if anyone else was in the same situation...
  2. Just of interest - what schools did you apply to - and is this on some kind of special program (through an agency)?


  3. AMJ333

    AMJ333 New commenter

    I can't stand the wait! Don't think my headteacher has been asked for a reference either though unfortunately. Was the person you spoke to a generic person or was that specific to the 2 schools you interviewed for? Also did anyone ask at their interview how we would find out, ie by phone or email? At the moment I'm checking my emails like a mad thing but could restrain if I thought it was more likely to be a phonecall.
  4. I asked - was told it could be either! Though I don't think any of us will hear for at least another week... wait to hear if your head is asked for a reference.
    Generic - she said they were waiting to hear from the heads before sending out the reference requests.
  5. Some good news - I've been in contact with another applicant since our interviews and she had to hand her notice in today if she wanted to leave. Because of this, she called yesterday and for a call back from the headteacher who told her she had got the job.
    Why is this good news? Because her headteacher had not received a reference request - there's still hope for the rest of us!
  6. ml02slc

    ml02slc New commenter

    Do you know which state she will be working in? (keeping it general here!)
  7. have sent you a message ml02slc

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