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Anyone using the (Yamaha) band method?

Discussion in 'Music' started by Firebird123, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. Firebird123

    Firebird123 New commenter

    Hi all
    I was just wondering if anyone uses a whole-class band-style method of teaching, and how you go about it? How do the logistics of it all work? What are the costs?
    Firebird [​IMG]
  2. Firebird123

    Firebird123 New commenter

    Sorry - meant to add that I'm in secondary [​IMG]
  3. I don't use it yet but I'm looking at it....we don't have a band in school and I want one but don't have much time so a band method would be great I think. My plan is to use it in year 7 to start with. I'm going to go cap in hand to the head and ask for enough instruments for a year 7 class. I'll wash the mouthpieces between each class and hopefully I'll have some musicians by the end of the year!
    Anyone got a better idea for getting a band off the ground?
    Any ideas welcome! Bel.
  4. Hi,
    I have the class band method at my school. I currently have one class in year 8 and one class in year 7. Each of these classes have their own set of instruments which is what the performing arts service in my area wanted. The sets of instruments are owned by Yamaha and given to the perfoming arts service to hire out to the school. I think my school was the first school in the country to start class band. Anti-bacterial spray for woodwind and brass instruments is always a good thing to have. Also you will need to have a large supply of reeds!
    I have to say the class band lessons are the highlight of my week and hopefully my school will keep it up once the pilot has finished.
  5. I've never heard of anyone actually doing this. Can you point me in the way of some online literature? How do you combat not actually playing the instrument yourself?
  6. Alphaalpha

    Alphaalpha New commenter

    Used it for 20 years and it works. I used Essential Elements, but you do need the help and support of tutors. Kids love it and love to get together out of school to practise. The CDs help enormously. Good luck!
  7. musicismyreligion

    musicismyreligion New commenter

    Yes. My school is currently piloting this with Year 5 who will carry on into Year 6 next year. Financially, the school funded the set of instruments and students' individual mouth&headjoints as we have nore than one class&band.
    I think its working amazingly, the kids are very engaged and I am excited to see where it leads...

  8. Alphaalpha

    Alphaalpha New commenter

    This is an American system and has opponents in the UK. Please PM me if you would like more info and +tive feedback. Btw it is HELL for the first 6 weeks!!

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