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Anyone used the company Avesha Presentations for Hinduism?

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by Angek, Oct 4, 2009.

  1. Hi

    I had an e-mail from them about supporting learning about variuos aspects, and we study Hindu weddings which they offer...but I do not know anything about them. Anyone got any feedback?

  2. Dear Angek,

    I must apologise for this very belated reply to you question re: Avesha Presentations. As I personally know the teacher Krishnavesha and her background, I can recommend her to you and your school. However, I must admit that her fees are very high and especially since she only offers one teacher per school I would NOT recommend her to you for those reasons.

    However, if you want a very high quality presentation for only 70% of her cost plus both male and female presenters with many costumes and masks with prizes for the best behaved pupils, I can definitely recommend our Educational Services to you. The website is: www.personalhinduism.com. The lady is Hindu born and been teaching KS 1 & 2 for over ten years and the male presenter has been teaching KS 1 2 & 3 for over 25 years.

    I hope this is benefical to you.

    All the best,

  3. durgamata

    durgamata Occasional commenter

    Hi Guys,

    I had spent over 7 hours on the computer (working on my business) today when I decided to do a bit of an update on my resources. I uploaded the Creation section of the King James Bible onto my Audacity programme (which allows you to edit mp3s) I saved separate files for the first Creation Story (in seven days) and the second one (Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve and Good and Evil.

    I looked in on this site, just before closing the computer and giving my eyes and back a rest - to let you lot know about this new resource - it cuts out all the 'talk' and just gives the readings. These mp3's are added to the one I had already set up with the radio 4 episodes devoted to the history of the King James Bible and the Old Testament readings that they featured. (I will eventually upload the ones from the New Testament too.)

    anyway, when about to inform you of this earth-shattering information - I spied this new thread. Curious as ever I googled Avesha Presentations and looked at the website. I was so impressed that I've spent over 2 hours copying it onto a word file which I will save as a PDF and upload as another resource.

    Sakhya in the above post is completely inacurate regarding the charges being prohibitive, - I quote from the website - FEES - 'Please note that the following price list quotes only my standard fees, however, if these fees are beyond your budget, I will accept your best offer. Please do not hesitate to request a booking on the basis of financial constraints. Schools will be booked on a first come first served basis, and no preference will be given to any school based on financial considerations.

    Not only is it inaccurate about the fees being 'very high' because there is an invitation to discuss fees and arrange a reduced rate for your school, but they are actually not very high. They are actually very reasonable - and I speak as someone setting up a similar business who has been researching charges for workshops and insets for months and getting advice from Business Link etc. These fees are quite moderate in the scale of such things, low average rather than high. You certainly wouldn't get more than one teacher per school at this price unless it was an evangelical organisation which was subsidising the speakers and had its own rather questionable agenda.

    I know a bit about ISCON which is Avesha's background contact with Hinduism and it is quite well respected in the field of Hinduism. When I have time (and less of a computer head-ache) I will add some info about ISCON and another organisation which is a great source for authentic Hindu information - the RamaKrishna mission.

    In closing I would just like to encourage Angek and anyone else who is looking for good, sound, well-respected, accurate and inspiring input on Hinduism to invite Avesha. If they want something free of course (during RE Week) they can invite me!! Then perhaps I can collect a string of great recommendations such as she has on her website. (I've copied them, too.
  4. Dear Durgamata,

    Thanks for responding to my statement about Workshop Charges. I had no idea that £320 for one person presenting a whole day workshop plus travel charges of 50p per mile is a low to average amount to charge. I seem to have got it completely wrong! You have opened my eyes as we are only charging a paltry £195 for a whole day workshop and a small setup fee plus also make reductions for schools on super tight budgets and giving resource gifts and prizes to children too.

    I apologise for getting it completely wrong and will learn from your valuable research. As we are a male and female presenter team, we are grossly under rating ourselves and are working so hard for so little. Please visit our site @ personal hinduism.com

    We're clearly not in this for the money but I think we should also be paid a little higher in the future.

    Thank you very much, you are a true friend for letting us know about this.

    All the best in all your ventures,


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