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Anyone used Grobags for baby sleeping?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by Coolgiraffe, Mar 7, 2012.

  1. Coolgiraffe

    Coolgiraffe Occasional commenter

    I'm wondering whether these are as practical as they claim to be?
    Are they more trouble than they are worth for doing nappy changes at night etc?
    I'm thinking of getting a 1 tog 0-6months one for my 2 week old.
    Thanks xxx
  2. They are wonderful! They have zips down the side as well as poppers over the shoulders so you can just unzip a small section to do nappy changes. They are incredibly useful when LO is older snd kicking covers off - they don't end up waking during the night from being cold.
    M and S do their own version which are just as good and cheaper.
  3. Coolgiraffe

    Coolgiraffe Occasional commenter

    Cheers Biodust! They sound great! x
  4. Congrats coolgiraffe. I love grobags dont know how people cope without them!
  5. livb

    livb New commenter

    I am not a mum but I used to look after half a dozen babies and toddlers at various points when I was a student and I found these bags to be excellent. Those babies who slept in them seemed more settled than those who had normal blankets etc. I used to worry about their little arms getting cold but it never seemed to be a problem and they always seemed very content in them. I now always buy them for friends when they have a new baby. Have a look at TKMaxx if you are near one as they often have them.
  6. Mothercare had their own version on buy one get one half price last week. They wash nicely and seem just as good as grobags. And you can tumble dry them. Always a bonus for me!
  7. Oh my LO lived in them until she got a big girl bed at 18 months (when I figured it'd be a bit dangerous for her to be trapped in one getting in and out of bed [​IMG]) . Useful, easy, handy - brill!
    You need a couple as they get leaked on etc and sometimes need to get a new one in the night. Also I found it really useful to get a lightweight one as well as a warm one.
    There is usually a minimum weight to start using them.
  8. PS grobags expensive. Ours are from tesco and ikea and are fine :eek:)
  9. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    Grobags are great! My son wasn't in one as a small baby as he was born in June 2009 and it was really warm then, and he was a hot baby, but my daughter has been in one since a couple of months old.
    My son will be 3 this year and still sleeps in one! He's the height of some 4 year olds but he still loves his sleeping bag! I got him one from JoJoMamanBébé.
    They're fine for changing in the night, easy to unzip.
  10. Hi both my boys had them as babies and toddlers. They are great I would recommend them to any new mum.They stop them waking in the night after kicking off their blankets and they seem to help them sttle. Also very easy to unzip for changing . Mothercare do a good range.
  11. sabby81

    sabby81 New commenter

    I got one in Sainsburys for £12 - a little Disney one which says it's suitable for 0-6 months and another half price in Mamas and Papas for £18. Both are 2.5 tog. Baby is due in 5 weeks - maybe 2.5tog will be too heavy for a little newborn Spring baby??x
  12. My little boy has been in them since he was about 8 weeks- he's 10 months now. We've used a Sainbury's sleeping bag and the Mothercare ones -they are buy 1 get 1 half price at the moment. I have found all of them to be fab a brill purchase [​IMG]
  13. Hello Beaties!!!
    Hope you and baby J are well? You're not on here 'cos you're thinking of number 2 are you?!! [​IMG]
  14. Hi Miss B [​IMG]
    I still pop by for a catch up often, but I haven't had loads to post. Things have just been moving at a steady pace since I returned to work.
    I would love number 2 at some point (If i'm lucky) but not just yet. I've got used to sleeping again [​IMG]
    I still keep an eye out for your BFP. I hope to read about it very, very soon.
    Lots of love
  15. chocolateheaven

    chocolateheaven New commenter

    I'm going to be really controversial and say that I don't like them, and that my baby sleeps much better without them! We seem to be alone in that though...!
  16. chocolateheaven

    chocolateheaven New commenter

    My little girl is a total wriggle monster too - she's never in the place that I left her in! That's why she doesn't get on with sleeping bags, because she rolls so much and moves around the cot it gets all twisted and constrains her. Luckily, she doesn't wake when she doesn't have blankets on, as most nights she ends up at the wrong end of the cot with her head where her feet should be and no blankets over her at all!

  17. Good question CG! I was wondering the same.
    Also, what Tog is best to get? My baby is due in 5 weeks so will be using her 0-6 month bag during the Spring and Summer - so should I get a 1 Tog or 2.5 Tog?
  18. http://www.thedreambag.co.uk/togs.php This should help. I have two 2.5 togs which I'm using at the mo. LO sleeps in pj's/baby grow. As the room is a bit warmer she will use this tog with a vest only then go into the 1.0 tog etc. I would say have a spare because my LO has been known to poo/wet or be sick in or on her sleeping bag and there is nothing worse at 4am than faffing around finding blankets.
  19. Haven't read other posts so sorry if I repeat.
    My LO is 16 months and still has one. He won't keep blankets on and wakes up screaming because he is so cold. At the moment it also stops him climbing out of the cot.
    I think I put my LO in one at about 6 weeks ole and he has been in one since using extra blankets if the temperatures are ridiculously cold.
  20. Coolgiraffe

    Coolgiraffe Occasional commenter

    Hi Betty!
    I have ordered 2 grobags. Both 1 tog because our bedroom is nearly always over 20 degrees and I want them to last up to the summer.
    The grobag website has the FAQs that explain the tog ratings and temperatures.
    5 weeks to go! I'll be waiting for your exciting text!!!
    Coolgiraffe xxx

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