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Anyone use an online diary for bookings?

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by yorky, Sep 14, 2011.

  1. yorky

    yorky New commenter

    I'm considering trying an online diary, such as 'open your diary'. my plan is to give the address of it to schools I often work in, so they can check if I'm available for a given day - I know some heads don't like phoning afetr 6pm and before 8am, but know they're going to need an emergency supply teacher. Just wondered if anyone has tried it and had success?

  2. Most of us don't work often enough in one school to make it worthwhile but you could give it a try.
  3. I think it is a good idea. Nothing much to lose-What is the eventual cost. I thought of something like this about 5 years ago, when I was only working LEA direct. Then agencies closed off much of the business, so I shelved it.
  4. How would the school have confirmation that you are willing to take a booking. Just because my diary says my day is free I may not get the notification in time? It does sound feasible though.
  5. sounds like a great idea to me. School could phone if diary says you are free. Saves them a phonecall if you are busy on the day they want you and they ring someone else.
  6. I use Google Calendar for this purpose. If you make your calendar public you can adjust the settings so people can just see whether you're available or not, not any personal info. As the previous poster pointed out, it saves the school a phonecall if you're not available. Works great for me!
  7. yorky

    yorky New commenter

    Thanks, I've not come across google calendar but am about to try it now!
    My plan was just to give schools I want to work at the address, and have it say available or not. I'll then accept anything from the schools I like if i'm available. I can then follow it up to check what planning etc I need to do.

  8. Yes! I have used online diaries and booking systems for my business coaching company for many years and now make use of it with my contracts in the post 16 sector as I work for two separate county councils, three prisons, three libraries, my own company still and therefore multiple venues.

    My online diary only shows the days and times I choose as available and any bookings or interest is sent to me via email which I receive on either my iPad while travelling and my Blackberry. Strict guidelines are set out on my website which includes my booking system for late bookings, etc which has meant I have never had any issues with it.

    There are a number of online booking systems available which are specialist to this requirement and perform far greater functionally than standard online diaries! I couldn't live without mine and has led to lots of work I may have missed out on previously. I offer it to all clients, venues that I work with and where I have received previous enquiries from. Think of it as a marketing tool if all you do is supply!
  9. Which diary do you use?
  10. darkness

    darkness New commenter

    it seems completely unecessary if I am honest and saves the school nothing. The time it would have taken to make a call to see if you are free is the same time it would take to log in to see if your diary states you are free. On top of this, if it says you are, they then still have to make the call on top.

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