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Anyone use a puppet?

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by louisea, Aug 24, 2011.

  1. I've just bought a puppet. He's called Jimmy (my 8 yr old christened him this morning when he arrived in the post and has been taking to him all day - and he's a cool 8 year old lol, what is it with puppets)!!
    I plan on introducing Jimmy as a 'new boy' during week 3 once transition is underway and get the kids to tell him our class rules, maybe one day he'll have a plaster on his knee because he ran in the clasroom - lots of discussion!!
    I'm just going to try and include him in everything! He's going to have his own peg and tray!
    Does anyone else have any ideas? Does your puppet have a 'voice' or does he/she whisper in your ear? Do the children handle the puppet?
    Im new to EYFS and have never used a puppet in this way before. I've used a few in drama but not one as an actual member of our class.
    Would be intrested to hear others ideas
  2. Hi Louise, I love the sound of Jimmy. having his own tray opens up all sorts of possibilities, such as the importance of learning to write his name so he doesnt lose things. When Ive used a class puppet Ive introduced a character (such as a dragon) who hasnt been to school he doesnt know what ... a birthday (or anything) is so the children can explain what they know. Its a good starting point so you can gauge children's knowledge about just about anything, find out the level of vocabulary children are using (confidence in use of EAL too). 'Sound talk 'is quite good too. Puppet can't say words only the sounds he can whisper his responses to your questions ie ..."What's your favourite colour Jimmy?" to which he whispers in your ear 'r-e-d.' You say the sounds aloud with a look of puzzlement and , fingers crossed, someone will blend the sounds together and say 'red'. I'm not sure of the 'rules' for letting children use the puppet. Sometimes i do. I suppose all little children are happy to play along with you knowing its a puppet. Hope you enjoy your time in EYFS. I love it but i know its not everyone's taste - it certainly is hard work and very demanding. if i can be of help any time please get in touch. Regards Eve
  3. laconn

    laconn New commenter

    ooh thats sounds good. Where did you get Jimmy from? I have a bird puppet (looks a bit like emu but bright orange and red) might use him and find a school jumper to put on him. I am also new to EYFS but did a bit of supply in reception last year and used a puppet for circle times. We would sing a song to welcome him to the group and usually base a circle time activity around him. 'He is feeling sad today, what could have made him sad' etc or a friendship issue. Worked really well and the children had lovely ideas to make him happy again. He didnt have a vioce just whispered in my ear. Sometimes if the children were stuck for an idea they would ask him to help them and he would 'whisper' the idea to them to give them some confidence! Never thought of giving him a peg and drawer though. Lovely idea!
  4. Sometimes getting them to whisper in your ear can give you a bit more time to think what you're going to say!
  5. Thanks everyone for your input.
    I'm quite relieved that I don't have to give Jimmy a voice. I always do silly voices when I tell a story and can be as daft as anyone but I don't know if I could continually do the same voice all year long.
    I shall definitely use the writing his name as a good starting point too.
    I bought him through a site off Ebay, he's only small 38" and cost me £15 plus p&p
    I keep lying in bed at night thinking of different scenarios that I can put him in to promote writing etc. I think he might be ill one day and we'll have to send him get well cards.
    How sad am I??? lol
    I've already got my kids collecting pine cones when we were on holiday in Turkey last week.
  6. I use one a lot for the quieter kids to get them to talk - often while they won't answer a question directly on the carpet, let them stick their hand up a puppet's behind and the puppet suddenly becomes a chatterbox that won't stop talking! I also use for being the "how not to do it" example - counting missing numbers out, getting letters muddled etc - so the kids can correct him loudly and with the usual degree of overenthusiasm! He can be naughty and steal letters and numbers, or he can be shy and need the class to be quiet for him to come away - I'm not the greatest working with puppets, but he's a handy tool to have about - especially since he's an alien (from the Planet Cornflake) so obviously doesn't understand things and needs the kids to explain it to him!
    Sometimes he just makes an appearance if a child's upset and needs a distraction as well - as something rare and special (and belonging to Miss therefore really really really cool) he works well as that.
    I'm supply though - so don't have the chance to create a consistent persona for a puppet, he's also only a little scrappy thing that lives in my work bag as an extra tool that I dip in and out of. Could use picking up a better one but space in m supply bag's limited!

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