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Anyone tried custom made dental plates for home teeth whitening?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by unloved, May 31, 2011.

  1. I've been considering teeth whitening for my wedding this year and it will cost £395 at the dentist. Been looking on the internet today for best home treatments as a cheaper alternatives and discovered you can actually order custom made dental plates from a website for £59. Obviously that's a lot cheaper but I don't want to throw £59 down the drain either!!! Apparently, you do the whole mould thing at home, send it off and they send the plates to you to bleach at home.
    Anyone got any experience of this?
  2. You have to buy the bleach as well and you should make sure it's as strong as what your dentist can get.
    I tried it. Made them nice and white in about six weeks, was absolute agony. I lived on codeine. I have sensitive teeth. Check with your dentist that yours are OK! It only lasted about 18m.
  3. Yeah, I heard it can hurt! My friend had lasers tho and said that really hurt too! I don't normally suffer from sensitive teeth and my dentist seemed to think I'd be OK with it.
    Did you order the custom made plates from your dentist or online? Thanks!
  4. Mangleworzle

    Mangleworzle Star commenter

    When I had my braces removed I was given plastic retainers to wear occasionally at night, I asked about whitening.
    The dentist said that they could do it there but I would just be paying them (a lot!) to shine a laser at my teeth for an hour. He suggested they made some plates for whitening as they had taken impressions anyway and supplied some of the bleach.
    I bought the next lot of bleach from the US via eBay for about half the price, 9.5% stuff. I was told to wear them for 45 mins at a time but occasionally had some painful pangs, so I reduced to 30 mins max and never had any problems. You are supposed to have a quick re-bleach once a year as a top-up after the initial whitening.
    If was doing it now, the custom plates sounds a good way to go, and buy the bleach from eBay from the US.
  5. I have a vial of bleach left that I'm saving for Son1's wedding. I just checked the strength and it's 15% carbamide peroxide. Perhaps that's why it hurt so much!!!
  6. eurgh - i gave up whitening as it was too painful even with codeine - but i did have sensitive teeth
    i had mine veneered, which costs a bleedin' fortune, but once it's done, it's done - and it's cut down the sensitivity


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