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Anyone teaching the new AS novels next year?

Discussion in 'English' started by claireylou29, May 16, 2011.

  1. Just finished reading McCarthy's The Road and was blown away. It is replacing Curious Incident on this years Aspects of Narrative Unit 1. Anyone else tempted to give it a go?
  2. i've taught it for A2 coursework. amaaaaaaaaaazing BUT very depressing if you study it for too long!!!
  3. Where did you find out the name of the new novels? I'm curious to find out the theme for AQA lit b, unit 2 - coursework. This is the last year tragedy is being used.
  4. maltesefalcon

    maltesefalcon New commenter

    I've taught The Road but only as part of the Wider Reading Unit for A2 was looking at dystopian fiction and comparing The Road and Handmaid's Tale. I didn't realise the AS novels were changing or that tragedy was going. I better get on to AQA too and find out more!

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