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Anyone teaching GCSE Drama through Eduqas??

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by yammyteacher, Sep 14, 2017.

  1. yammyteacher

    yammyteacher New commenter

    Leading the course at my new school but new to the spec, if anyone fancies a chat/bouncing ideas let me know!
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  2. schnapple

    schnapple New commenter

    I am also doing the Eduqas spec - currently looking for component 2 ideas - I have a class of 7 girls.
  3. tgagrant

    tgagrant New commenter

    I'm leading the course at my school for the first time. Going to a CPD on Friday 17th in London. How are you finding it so far HollyJemima?
  4. yammyteacher

    yammyteacher New commenter

    Hi! Finding it okay so far, I am gutted I wanted to attend the course but school budget wouldn't stretch. I am struggling to find anyone locally teaching Eduqas! Would you be interesting in having a chat/sharing resources/moderation?
  5. yammyteacher

    yammyteacher New commenter

    Hi ! I have just selected scripts for C2 what did you choose in the end?
  6. tgagrant

    tgagrant New commenter


    Yep definitely up for chatting/sharing.
  7. NikiDoha

    NikiDoha New commenter

    Hi I do. I am really enjoying it although, the mark schemes have changed from the last WJEC spec and aren't as clear (I don't think).
  8. joalviad

    joalviad New commenter

    Started teaching this in the second time set if the Christmas term. Sharing ideas? Fab plan
  9. heulwyn

    heulwyn New commenter

    I'm new to teaching the course and subject. Does anyone have any suggestions for component 2? I have 12 boys in the class. Can I do Riff Raff with them for component 2 and then DNA for comp 3?
  10. bgibson11

    bgibson11 New commenter

    Hi everyone,

    I’m teaching the spec for the second year. I’ve created a few resources on here, including a C3 guidebook and full C3 SOW for ‘DNA’. Take a look if you want a little help! They can be found here- https://www.tes.com/teaching-resources/shop/bgibson11

    Plug aside, hollyjemima that’s a real shame you couldn’t attend the course. If you go onto the secure area there are all of the resources including exemplars, resources and PowerPoints they used at last years “Prepairing to Teach” and “The Next Steps” courses.

    I *think* I have got my head around the whole thing having attended the courses and working with it for 2 years now so if you would like any help give me a shout.

    Hope that helps!
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  11. yammyteacher

    yammyteacher New commenter

    Thanks so much for your reply! Your resources are fab thanks for sharing! If anyone fancies a chat/sharing resources find me on twitter @yammyteacher and we can collab!

  12. yammyteacher

    yammyteacher New commenter

    Fab are you on twitter at all? Don't really use TES much!
  13. bgibson11

    bgibson11 New commenter

    Hi hollyjemima, I've given you a follow on Twitter so we can chat/share. You'll need to give me a follow back though as I have my profile set to private so I can't be found by kids/parents!

    Speak soon
  14. tgagrant

    tgagrant New commenter

    Hi, no, don't use twitter I'm afraid. I have insta or just email - tgagrant@gmail.com
  15. yammyteacher

    yammyteacher New commenter

    Great thanks what's your twitter name?
  16. stc225coffey

    stc225coffey New commenter

    Hi I’m a new head of music and drama with 2 supply’s teaching drama, due to this they don’t do any marking or assessing and I can’t get to their lessons as I am teaching year 11 music at the same time.

    A trip was organised to go and see shrek the musical, does any body have any recourses for this production ?
    Also the students are doing hard to swallow for their component 3 again does any one have any resources for this?

    I know I’m asking a lot but I feel like I’m letting the kids down as I can’t be with them to teach them so I want to be able to set work that will be essentially useful for their exam and also for their component 2
  17. yammyteacher

    yammyteacher New commenter

    Hi really sorry I don't have resources for either of those plays as I've not ever taught them. For Shrek there is probably an education pack online to go with the show and there should be lots on Hard to Swallow...
  18. NikiDoha

    NikiDoha New commenter

    Does anyone have any ideas of what they might changethe questions to on the component 3 paper? I can only get them to do so many questions on social class and then costume ideas!
  19. michaelchalkley

    michaelchalkley New commenter

    Hey guys
    Do any of you have PLCs for the GCSE Drama from eduqas?
    You'd be saving me a lot of time if you do!

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