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Anyone teaching Edexcel BTEC Fashion & Clothing Level 3? Need help!

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by textilesjane, Jun 14, 2011.

  1. Hi, just wondering if anyone is currently teaching this? We're starting from September and replacing AS/AS AQA Textiles as our students are really stuggling with the theory work and exams.

    Looking for some guidance in setting up the course, which modules to choose etc. Have contacted Edexcel but not many places teaching it in this area (North West) and all colleges, whereas we are a sixth form.

    Any information appreciated!
  2. Can't help you I am afraid - wish I had enough guts to change to this but our parents want students to study A'levels. I think the dreaded theory and lack of support is driving many away... not looking forward to the exam this week - my students have been revising like mad and know so much - I bet none of it comes up! So much harder than any of the other exams because its science, history, geography, business and mnufacturing all rolled into one!
  3. Hi michelleheaney
    I would like to offer another type of course to my KS4 students. Can you tell me more about the course you offer?

    Are you doing the award, certificate or diploma? What type of projects do you do?

    Thanks for your help.
  4. just about to do the same thing!! we have taught level 2 for 2 years but next year are going back to GCSE (league tables!!!!!!!)
    we are aiming for diploma and as i understand it the units taught are pretty much dependent on teacher expertese and equipment available.
    i thought i would start the course with Accessory Production because that will allow for a lot of short experimental tasks to familiarise students with materials and equipment,as well as designing and presentation .They should all be able to produce a selection of finished products in the first term - it will also allow for the inevitable change of students coming and going without too many problems
    i would be interested to know what units others are intending to deliver.

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