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Anyone teach IGCSE Art

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by Pegasus32, May 1, 2012.

  1. Pegasus32

    Pegasus32 New commenter

    Wow, what amazing beautiful work! i'm just completing the first year of IGCSE, and have found it a really odd way of working at times - just some of the restrictions for the submission of coursework. I picked up a Y11 group, all of whom had worked double sided in A3 sketchbooks - we had to cut these into pieces to enable them to make the required boards - it was a traumatic experience! At least I will be fully prepared for next year! Anyone got any other opinions on the IGCSE?

  2. I am only just about to start teaching it literally next week, and in China with limited supplies so am looking for any advice possible to help me on my way .
  3. Hi there, I have also noticed inconsistent marking with CIE. From year to year especially with the new syllabus change in the last 3 yrs. which examining board were you going to change to? Out of interest.

  4. Im in the same predicament, Just started teaching IGCSE and no curriculum to work with, Does anyone have like a student handbook type thing I could steal and make my own. I really need like a student friendly breakdown of the sylabus and the AOs. Many Thanks
  5. i need same info ,kindly help me in this regard
  6. I am in my 5th year of teaching IGCSE art and design.. Observational drawing is the key to gaining good grades
  7. This website is very helpful.


    Also, make your school pay for you to have training from CIE. You should have training by them to mark the coursework.

    With regards to planning the final year of the IGCSE. These are a few tips I would suggest.

    Allow lots of class time for them to mount up their coursework, especially if they haven't done it before (how much depends on your students, resources and class size)

    Coursework is one unit, basically one theme that they have developed to a final outcome. Best grades have student work that has awesome observational drawing in a range of media, artist studies, appropriate to their topic, explored their topic in a range of media (2D and ideally also 3D),

    Give them a mock exam and tell the school that you need a whole day in the art room to do the exam (options with this are: give them a past paper, or if the coursework isn't good enough (their best unit so far), make your own exam paper and put their coursework theme as one of the exam paper questions, this way you can build on their first possible coursework unit and make a much better outcome.

    Do the mock exam under exam conditions - so they know what to expect

    Photoshop, scan, get them taking photographs, play around the colours, filters, composition in Photoshop and add this to their coursework as a way of manipulating images

    Get time off teaching to mark the coursework, depending on how many students you have

    use the standards on the CIE website to help you

    The exam

    you get the exam paper in January, from that time on i suggest that you start to collect resources, books, websites, objects that you can use at hand for your students to use.

    i also suggest, working out which questions aren't going to be suitable for some students, e.g. a figure in a seated chair seen from below is not going to be any good for a student who has never drawn a person and finds observational drawing challenging

    The 8 week prep time is very short

    have some observational drawing time from primary sources, real objects or real people early on

    I also suggest that you mount up work as you go

    The exam component isn't so interested in what the students write, so let them write to reflect on their creative practice but no long, drawn out historical analysis of an artist or an art movement, a waste of time.

    Make sure HOY and form tutors know about the 8 week exam prep time, it is 40% of their exam grade,

    Exam its self - allow at least 30 minutes for them to turn up late and get set up e.g. tell them to be there at 8:30 am but start it for 9:00 am

    After the exam is over, while the students are still in the room, get them to label up their exam piece and sides

    After the exam

    Allow time to pack up the exam work and send off the moderated sample (depending on the number of students)

    Get your examinations officer to help you and oversee this bit
  8. Thank you Lucinda104 for the clear breakdown of the course.

    I too will be teaching CIE IGCSE Art for the first time in a school in China. I do have a few more questions about the coursework. In Year 10, would 3 projects be acceptable to complete all with finals? So that students will be able to pick the best one for submission? Any information would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Hi,

    I am Neha Pandit, from India. I am a Fine Artist, specialized in Metal Craft. I am now teaching IGCSE, and this is going to be my first solo year, so quite excited and anxious too. Thestudentartguide blog by Amira has been a great help!!!
  10. Has anyone offered this to private candidates in the UK? Looking to see how the Painting and Related Material would work. Thanks
  11. galoutzis

    galoutzis New commenter

    Hello everyone thank you for providing such a useful information here. I am too teaching IGCSE Art in Egypt for the first time.I received this year's theme yesterday from Edexcel. Do I strictly need to wait 6 weeks before the 10h exams in order to let students know about it?Can it be shared before?
    Kind regards.
  12. sharon52

    sharon52 New commenter

    Ill send you a PM we wait for the 6 weeks
  13. alikabs

    alikabs New commenter

    Hi, Can the students have different themes for their Component 4, their portfolio? The Art and Design guide says that Component 4 has no paper and doesn't say anything about who gives the theme?
    Thank you in advance for the reply.

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