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Anyone teach Edexcel Literature A Level?

Discussion in 'English' started by Havs, Apr 23, 2011.

  1. I am changing to Spec A lit from AQA to Edexcel - does anyone who currently does this board have any general advice on the helpfulnees of the board, which texts to choose and teaching of the course etc?

    Many Thanks

  2. Hi Maria,
    I've found their subject advisor, Lionel Bolton, very helpful. They've really improved their online resources.

    At AS, we do Hamlet and the Duchess of Malfi for coursework and Wuthering Heights (painful!) and The Colour Purple for exam (plus the poetry). Don't choose the land poetry- boring!
    At A2 we do Gatsby, Rapture and Captain Corelli's Mandolin for the exam. I've tried two methods for the coursework. Last year we all read The Awakening and The Road (my theme was journeys) and then they read a third text that had to be about any journey (physical, emotional, etc). This year they've read The Awakening, A Thousand Splendid Suns and a third novel of their choice. The Road was more challenging (and boy friendly). I love the coursework option- I have students submit a proposal for their titles and it's so nice to mark a variety of essays rather than one set topic!

    Good luck!
  3. we do jane eyre/wide sargasso sea at AS along with the Land poetry (which, unlike the other person who has posted on here, we love!!), jane eyre isn't particularly popular but none of the other AS exam novels have very much appeal either ... at A2 we do Duffy (have got loads of resources on this free to any one who wants them), Gatsby and the Metaphysicals and this works wonderfully well.
    For As coursework, we each tend to choose our own plays - some do two shakespeares and others do a shakespeare and a restoration/revenge tragedy. A2 coursework is great fun, free choice, lovely opportunities for the students to do what they really enjoy ...

    the board is really helpful and will send a senior examiner along to train you/chat/discuss/help out if you ask them nicely.

    edexcel a-level lit spec is highly recommended by us!!

  4. oh, and we teach the c/w first at As and do the exam in june, and then exam first and c/w second at A2 - which gives the students the opportunity to resit the exam in their final summer if necessary ... works really well ... so far!
  5. I would greatly appreciate any resources on 'Rapture.' The person in my Department who has been teaching this part of the course has left and taken her resources with her. This would really help us out as my Year 13s are starting to panic and I have struggled to find revision notes for them.
    That aside, this will be our first time right the way through and so far we have found Edexcel and especially the subject advisor to be really helpful at answering all of our questions. For AS we chose King Lear and The Duchess of Malfi for coursework and Pride and Prejudice, Yellow Wallpaper and Home for exam (it was an all girl class). Have lots of Home resources if anyone would like some,
    For A2, we also went for Gatsby, Rapture and the Metaphysicals for exam. Course work wise we ended Year 12 with themed mini taster units and then went with the most popular. This worked well with the 13s who are super keen and organised but I will have to change approach for the more challenging group that come next.

  6. This is great - Thank you. Keep it coming if you have anything my email is mariahavlin@gmail.com

    I will also help anyone with any other things that they might need in exchange!
    Thanks Again
  7. If you are still on this thread I would really appreciate Rapture resources, please

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