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Anyone successfully breastfed 2nd child after problems with the 1st?

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by Chica77, Jan 2, 2011.

  1. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    I'm 23 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child and have an 18 month old son.
    When my son was born he refused to feed for the first 36 hours and was put on antibiotics as he was very mucousy and kept being sick. By day 6 he had dropped from a birth weight of 7lbs 13 to 6 lbs 7 (23oz). I was BF him, but it was hard as he wasn't really interested. The midwife who visited me at home was really concerned and told me to formula feed. I started mix feeding (BF first, then formula) and he was so much happier and started gaining weight. I would feed him for about an hour on each side and then he would still guzzle the formula like he was starving (well, I guess he was). I tried everything to increase my supply - expressing between feeds (after an hour I got 1oz), taking fenugreek tablets etc - and nothing seemed to help. I decided to stop BF totally at 10 weeks as it wasn't working.
    I don't know if this makes any difference, but my boobs didn't grow at all when I was pregnant with him, and only went up one cup size once I was in labour. They never leaked or anything, even after he was born.
    This time i'm expecting a girl, and my boobs have already grown and am already producing a little bit of colostrum.
    Has anyone had any experience of having problems the first time round, but being fine the second time? I really want to be able to exclusively breastfeed this time.
  2. Eeeek how exciting Chica- one of each! Congratulations! (Obviously can't offer any advice, sorry, just wanted to say how lovely to be having a girl) :)
  3. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    Thanks Clematis!! Fingers crossed for you btw!! Maybe you'll get a boy 2nd time round!
  4. handrail

    handrail New commenter

    Congrats Chica77!
    I can't offer any advice but I had similar problems with
    breastfeeding, only LO never latched on once so I expressed for the
    first month but couldn't keep up with his demand and have ended up
    formula feeding. I was very keen to breast feed and am still sad that I
    I really hope I can breastfeed the next LO (no plans to
    have another just yet though as my little boy is only 3 months). My boobs hardly grew while pregnant and nothing came out at all for the first couple of days after I gave birth.
    be keen to read others replies.
  5. DilysPrice

    DilysPrice New commenter

    I reluctant to post incase it all goes pear shaped, but I'm successfully feeding my little girl after having a huge outing with my little boy. My first little boy struggled to latch on and with urine infections (me) and thrush (both) we gave up at 8 weeks. I dreaded it again but wanted to give it a go badly. As soon as number 2 was put on me she rooted around and latched straight on! I was chuffed and she's now 101/2 weeks and being exclusively b/fed. She's not gaining weight as well as my first but they aren't worried. Anyway it still isn't easy but my second experience has been completely different. I just hope I can continue and haven't jinxed myself.
    Wishing you all the luck and you'll be fine.
  6. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    Thanks for the replies!
    Dilys, it's good to hear that your little girl is feeding well. I think the charts are written for formula fed babies anyway, so i'd just be glad she's putting on weight. My friend's little girl was exclusively BF and she dropped off her centile line, so she was weaned early. She'[s nearly 9 months now and a really good eater.
    What's your son like at eating now? Mine is really bad, he hardly eats at all. He's not skinny though, and is very tall (was always on the 98th centile). I only ever had him weighed when the midwife or HV did it, I didn't obsess over his weight at all.
  7. DilysPrice

    DilysPrice New commenter

    He eats like a horse! We couldn't fill him when he was babe [​IMG]
  8. Congrats Chica! How exciting!!! My best friend had two babies fairly close together (Now 23 months and 4 months). She struggled to BF forst and gave up in the first week or so, as he was never hungry and wouldn't latch. This time she's exclusively BFed for 16 weeks so far, and he won't take a bottle now! Shows it can be done. Best of luck with it!
  9. A girl! Excellent!! Congratulations ( I KNOW you haven't had her yet. :)

    Anyway - I always found Kellymom.com to be supremely helpful. Whatever problem or question I had, there was always an answer on there. Very good site.

    Not an answer to your query, but just thought I'd point you in the direction of the site (in case you hadn't been on before)
  10. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    I haven't Coffeekid, so i'll have a look. I've usually kept clear of mum and baby forums (apart from the TES) as the spelling and grammatical errors annoy me so much! [​IMG]
  11. Hi Chica - it's not a forum, it's a website dedicated solely to breastfeeding. :)
    No threads or anything.
  12. Oops, there is a forum, but I never noticed until now.
  13. Best check with a midwife or BF expert, but I drank fennel tea which is supposed to help. I actually think it did, too, and I even started to enjoy the taste (very aniseedy... reminded me of a chinese takeaway, lol!!)
  14. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    Bleurgh, i cannot stand the taste of fennel/aniseed. Yuck. Maybe you can get it in capsules? I tried taking fenugreek last time and i smelled like an indian take-away!
    Oh, we bought the apple/pear conversion by the way Clematis! It was about £270 for the Pip converter and £80 for the carrycot.
  15. Wow! I thought it was £400 plus! I bet you love it! Is it easy to put up/down etc? Did you get the two pushchair seats too? Didn't think you could still use the Apple seat? Sadly don't think it'll fit in my car though :-(
  16. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    Yeah, i thought it was more expensive too. My mum (who paid for it, bless her) was pleasantly surprised! It comes with 2 seats, but you have to but the carrycot as extra. We tried our little boy in the one in the shop, and he was fine in the seat.
    I haven't tried it out yet as it's still at my parents' - my dad's driving down this week with it, and our crib and some other stuff. We don't want to put together the pram yet as we're still using the Apple for our little boy, so we'll wait until baby's born. The Apple fits into my car boot now without collapsing it, but i doubt this will.
  17. katycustard

    katycustard Occasional commenter

    My daughter had great trouble feeding her first baby girl, but is still happily feeding her second daughter at 14 months. She got good support from a breast feeding counsellor.
    I have said it before on a previous post, but I wish you ladies wouldn't worry so much about breast/bottle feeding. As long as you love your babies and give them good eye contact, strokes etc. whilst feeding it really doesn't matter (in the long run) where the milk comes from.
    I say this as someone who had breastfed 5 children, but I wish you wouldn't worry so much!
  18. Yip me Chica. First was a bloody nightmare. Only my own bloody mindedness and refusing to get my daughter weighed got her eventually feeding. I also couldn't express.Was 3 weeks before she took anything from me. Caused huge stress. Promises myself I'd try with my second but not worry. She latched first go and never left!!! No stress at all. Good luck.
  19. Pear sounds fab chica! Just have to persuade OH that we DO need a new, bigger car ;-)
    Maybe your body will know what to do better this time?! At least, like you say, you will be less naive second time round and will be able to be firm with the midwives and get as much help as possible. Good luck with it, can't wait to hear your birth announcement!
  20. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    You need a proper mummymobile now [​IMG]
    I can't wait either! I'm seriously getting fed up with waking up every 2 hours to wee! And I just feel like a huge, beached whale. I swear I didn't feel like this last time.
    I think this time I will demand help if i have a problem, and i won't give formula unless we get really desperate. Last time I guess i just assumed the midwife was right.

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