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Anyone still using Speedstep?

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by dollybloggs, May 18, 2011.

  1. We got this software about 4 years ago, did the training etc. Used it quite successfully (despite a few technical glitches) up until last year when we had a new server put in. It has never been able to be reloaded onto our new system, IT techie has contacted the appropriate people but no luck really. They did tell us that there is an update launched soon and that we should get that. Anyone elso know anything about when the update might be? Do we have to pay again etc?
  2. I went on a AQA course recently.Everyone at the meeting had given up using Speedstep.....
    I tried to start it up again in my school about 3 years ago, but couldn't make contact with the person who trained me, when I needed some advice. I looked on DATA and she was still the recommenended person. This was when I gave up for good.

  3. I still use it! Lol must be a lone voice out there. We use it for GCSE and A'level. Universities are very impressed with the work that students present using it, so I continue because it makes a great addition to their portfolios and is really good for creating colour suggestions and manufacturing specifications.
    Our IT dept also put in a new server and after a few phone calls to Germany managed to get it running again, but we had to buy new USB dongles I believe, oh and now it won't run on my new laptop because it doesn't run on the latest version of windows and won't until the upgrade comes out, doesn't run on my classrrom PC either so I get the computer to read it from another computer in my room (using that student monitoring software). It works though. So yes I persevere with it and have few problems. we create checks and fill patterns and logo overlays but have never got round to the 3D because it takes too long to learn and to do.
  4. I use SpeedStep with KS3 and 4 students, the programme makes textiles more appealing to students when they realise textiles is not just about sewing. I purchased the software when the USB dongle was introduced and have my own copy on my home computer.
    You need time to get your head around the software, the school network system doesn't help.

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