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Anyone still in school next week?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by seebee, Dec 19, 2010.

  1. Supposed to be finishing tomorrow, but KS1 toilets frozen so KS1 children advised not to come in (unless struggling with childcare), KS2 still coming in but if they phone up they can have an authorised absence. All staff in.Back on 5th for INSET, children in 6th, theatre trip 7th (Friday.)
  2. We finish on Thursday at 3pm, but on the plus side we return on Monday 10th January. Despite the freezing temperatures, the children turn up on a daily basis. Roll on Friday![​IMG]
  3. Well here in the Highlands we are in school till 3pm on Thursday!! However we are then off until the 10th of January! Have to say Thursday can't come quick enough...
  4. Well, I'm in New Jersey in the U.S. and we're in school until Thursday! We have an early dismissal at 12:30 and we're off until Jan 3. Seems very short! Merry Christmas all! I love this website; I get so many good ideas. Thank you everyone!
  5. In Scottish Highlands we're in till 3.45 on Thursday!
  6. We finish on Wednesday and go back on the 10th January.
  7. In Glasgow, we will be working until 2:30pm Thursday, plus time to take down decorations, tree, etc in preparation for the new session.
  8. Guessing you work in East Ren - totally agree about short straws - this is the shortest Christmas break I can remember in 40 years of teaching!
  9. On my side of the pond (Canada), we still have two days left, although it
    is certainly debatable how much constructive work will be accomplished!!
  10. anon2799

    anon2799 New commenter

    Half the kids and a third of the staff didn't turn in today and we usually have good attendance (25% of kids have 100% attendance so far, attendance rate is usually 96%. think the cold and germs have finally done for us. Much DVD watching all round. 1 day to go but we're back in on the 4th!
  11. we are due to finish Weds (but school has been closed so far this week due to snow) - but still back on Tues after bank holiday with 2 training days.
  12. On our side of the Pond (Boston MA) we finish Thursday at 2pm!
  13. qvminich

    qvminich New commenter

    We finish on Thursday the 23rd at noon and return on January 10th. I prefer this scenario by a long shot.

    Joyeux Noel!
  14. Yes working until midday Thursday throughout Edinburgh. Count yourself lucky Wednesday people!
  15. Think I agree. we finished Friday (19th) and whilst I was ready to break up we go back on the 4th - I much prefered when we finish later and go back later - feel I've spent this week 'waiting for Christmas' . On the other hand the parents can deal with the excited (and exhausted) kids!!!!!

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