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Anyone still getting specialist school funding?

Discussion in 'Headteachers' started by damplink, May 6, 2011.

  1. damplink

    damplink New commenter

    Apparently the money for this was supposed to be divvied out amongst all schools in the LA not just the SS - can anyone confirm whether or not this is happening in their LA?
  2. damplink

    damplink New commenter

  3. All dsg no longer ring-fenced or allocated as was.
    Strategic Schools Forums decided how funding was allocated 2011-2012.
    Minimum Funding Guarantee means that schools will be less than 1.5% worse off this year in real terms than last. However, next year's funding will not be subject to MFG and will stand as decided by "the schools". This will, most likely, not happen as the national funding review (now in consultation) will probably dictate how and against what criteria schools are funded from 2012 onwards. This could be good for those sited in low fund areas, Somerset, Gloucester, Wiltshire, Torbay, South Gloucs, Devon, Oxfordshire, Hampshire etc......... but not so good for those in well funded areas eg. Most of the inner cities and other urban problem areas.
    Whether the EYFS-KS1-KS2-KS3-KS4 splits will also be addressed is interesting. I wonder if the Allen Report will have any influence, or will the Academy agenda rule KO?

  4. Of course this should read<u> will not be</u> less than 1.5% worse off in real terms.
    Must start proof reading posts!

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