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Anyone starting Tes Straight 2 Teach in September 2020?

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by Sc27994, May 23, 2020.

  1. Sc27994

    Sc27994 New commenter

    Just wondering if anyone else is started in September and wants to stay in touch? I haven managed to find anyone else who is on it yet! X
  2. marbles78

    marbles78 New commenter

    I think it is early days to find people that are starting in September. The application deadline isn't until the 22nd June and, given that the course is for existing education staff, many will probably be busy dealing with the current school situation to be thinking about applying just yet. Assuming you have received your offer of a place, the best place to find people is to join the Straight to Teaching Facebook group. There are a few of us who started in April and obviously lots that are now qualifying, so there is plenty of information to read and absorb about the course.
  3. rach_g_86

    rach_g_86 New commenter

    Hoping to be starting this course, waiting for confirmation on date availability .
  4. Sc27994

    Sc27994 New commenter

    Oh exciting, have you heard anything yet? X

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