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Anyone single looking for a partner?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by lamaddalena, Jul 24, 2011.

  1. Someone used to organise a dating site on here? But that was a while ago. I thought I would start up a discussion as I do think of people on their own (lets face it too many teacher forgo a social life for work).in the holidays.
    I'm trying to help a friend find a caring boyfriend. Her present boyfriend of five years has decided to spend his birthday with his family and she has just found out, when she suggested going away to celebrate that he is too busy and can't take the time off. Why ? Because he is going with his family to share a holiday house in France. (Not that he told her.) This doesn't sound like the sort of friend she needs.
    So is there anyone in TES land , male and single in London area in their 40's?
    She likes the arts and history.


  2. Yes, but not for the above! Have tried (and failed) at internet dating before, but never joined a dating discussion before. I'm 25, female, love Rock Choir, cooking, reading, holidays (particularly in France) and theatre. I don't like clubbing. I have been single for a year and a half now and it has been very difficult to meet anyone who shares my interests!
  3. Perhaps that is the problem - your Mr Right may well not share your interests.... perhaps cast yourt net wider - chalk and cheese personalities often work very well.....so long as there is commonalities on some levels - it matters not if choirs wet your juices and fast cars his.... surely?
  4. I think this is the problem Fran meeting men. Single males will hang out at all the male orientated activities like cycling and beer festivals. And girls will be ummmm errrrr ....shopping
    *Mad runs for cover*
  5. True. I know I am being far too fussy!
  6. Haha true to a certain extent though! There is a beer festival held here every year but I don't go as I hate beer and ale so it would be a complete waste of money! Perhaps I should pretend to like beer....
  7. Well here's your opportunity Fran. I'm sure we can convert you. All you have to do is go up to the nearest, fittest male and tell them you know nothing about ale and which is the best. You'll have a host of males advising and helping to convert you in minutes.
    Must say I like real ale and think it a drink very healthy and wholesome - all that Vit amin B! Some have a lovely fruity taste. Not bitter like lager Yuk![​IMG]
    Only trouble is I have difficulty standing up after a few pints ! Stick to the pale ales - less alcohol . Quaffing comes naturally to me......
  8. marmot.morveux

    marmot.morveux New commenter

    ...it's got to be a compromise thing surely? Go with him to the beer festival, he comes shopping once a month... [​IMG]

    Finding common interests, I think is difficult. You will find it hard to have everything in common. However, there will be traits in a man that you'll find attractive, like, 'not being selfish', 'treating you with respect'. There are lots of men who like cooking and travel. You might not find a man who likes choir, but you'll be sure to find one who likes music. It's possible to find common traits but in the same area.... ...what about someone on the same intellectual level as you? ...someone with a similar degree is likely to have similar things in common with you....
  9. That is like saying "perhaps i should pretend to like breathing"
    You need to get yourself to the next Brum meet and we will give you an extensive grounding in "beer appreciation" *.

    *Except Belle ,who will force you to drink champagne and eat oysters.
  10. marmot.morveux

    marmot.morveux New commenter

    Speaking of which, will there soon be a new Brum meet? ...I still haven't managed to get to one,, :-(

    Can you get it to coincide with test match pls.
  12. oldsomeman

    oldsomeman Star commenter

    not al men like beer and cycling.I dont for example......pubs i only use when i want a meal of a im thirsty.
    I so hate it when we men are stereotyped into certain groups.. Then again i dodnt fit may stereotype exept being a man.and according to my wife having many predispositions.
    As a youg man i was into dancing and motorbikes..not into gardening....but through it al loved folks with a modicum of intelligence and was generally a nice men.which is probabaly why i never gained many girlfrinds ..but we are there ladies......all with a great deal of varied interests.
  13. There you go Lamaddy, Brum meet organised. Bring your mate and we'll teach her the finer points of seducing the opposite sex with beer related products. :¬))
  14. I live in the south east :(
  15. They have trains in the South East don't they? I live 14 miles away and it takes me 40 minutes to get there by train..........but 3 days to get home .via National Express, RAF Culdrose and magistrate's court.
  16. Sounds good to me, especially the champagne part!
    Alas it looks like I'll be en vacances en France on the date of the Brum meet.
  17. anon8315

    anon8315 Established commenter

    I think a gentleman outside Boots this morning had the solution - buy a puppy! I have never seen so many youngish women stopping, and I was one of them (I can't pass a puppy by!) x
  18. Hi!
    Maybe go to France to do a cokery course and sing whilst chopping the onions and reading the recipe book!
    Sure to work!
  19. or just go out with me!
  20. Any lush men from Bristol!!

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