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Anyone ploughing through their reports today?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by kateyp, Jun 1, 2010.

  1. 3 to go.
    Am stopping for a break as my legs have gone numb and my brain is frazzled. I never get them all done in the holidays - this will be an achievement for me! Hooray!. (famous last words...)
  2. We also asked our parents about our report assist 'reports' and none of them were happy with the 3 page long wordy reports. They just wanted to know general achievement, effort and some personal comments.
    Yet we are still doing them [​IMG]....grumble grumble grumble...


  3. Pray for wet days!! I don't mind working on reports if there is nothing else to do! This year I decided to write what I really thought....it made me smile to see it- then deleted it to write the same in a creative way!!!!
    Always works and relieves the tedium!!
  4. I'm an NQT - just done my third one. Spoke to my mentor who said they were fine. Just read an e-mail from her which says they may need padding out a bit. OMG It's taking me about an hour to do just one and that's without the padding! I'm behind already. IEP's are due in too and I'm loosing my laptop for three days. HELP!!!!
  5. One password for RA used to be domino many eons ago. might be worth a try.
  6. it still is domino
  7. Waterfin

    Waterfin New commenter

    Just started mine yesterday... and they are due in to the head for her to proof read and sign by a week Mon (11 days and counting)
  8. Cassandra I'm with you.....it's now the 13th of June time to get on with it I suppose. It is soooooooo hard. I have APP scores to give in as well I hate! them very sloooowly get use to them.
    I bought a dress a very lovely dress , its long...and teal colour and.........OK Im going.
  9. smiley_scribe

    smiley_scribe New commenter

    I'm glad there are others out there in the same position! Mine are due in a week friday and it seems that everyone else in the school has done them apart from me... I am about a third of the way through them....I hate this time of year!!! Anyway, time for another coffee break.... !
  10. manic28

    manic28 New commenter

    YESSSS!!!! 09/10 Reports complete (well at least until head passes them back with typos highlighted!).

    Sigh of relief. Wheres the gin at?
  11. manic28

    manic28 New commenter

    Oh and can I just thank the person who put the link up to the 'Teacher's Report Assistant'. It is amazing.
    For those of you who don't know yet, it has comments for core and foundation subjects based on the QCA schemes of work. I used it as the basis for the core subject comments. An absolute godsend AND ONLY BLUMMIN' FREE!
    I seriously am in love with whoever it was who put this link up first. Thank you!
    Good luck to those of you still ploughing through.
  12. I could have easily finished mine this weekend and had a week off stress free.
    Instead I have been shopping, tidied the house and sat on the sofa all day doing absolutely nothing.
  13. Only 4 left to go. The rest have gone off to the Head-who does any corrections needed herself!

    The end is in sight[​IMG]
  14. This is an EXCELLENT idea! Thieving underway, thanks!
  15. Only few more science to do and then proof reading
    Have loved this thread and realised not the only one who needs food motivators!!
  16. You have to set yourself the task first of guessing which revel is which from their shape alone!!! This is much more fun than writing any report! Watch out for the similarity between the coconut and the orange centre ones!!
  17. I'm with you!
    Mine due in next Friday and haven't even started - I just keep burying my head in the sand...
    Maybe next Friday will never come!!
    I'll start tomorrow...
  18. Have just finished proof reading my last report. THEY ARE FINISHED!
    Unless of course there are loads of mistakes and I have to change them all round!!!!
    I know it's only Monday, but I might just have a little glass of wine to celebrate. What a relief!
    Now I can start preparing my presentation and assignment for my SENCO award course! Now I've just depressed myself again.
    How many weeks until the end of term??????????
  19. Mine literally took an hour, beginning to end. Class of twenty eight.
    The secret: 'The Report King'.
    Quite literally the best £30 I've ever spent.
    It is just awesome.
    (Add a bit more onto the hour for personal comments actually, but you get the picture).

    If you haven't heard of it, then this might be the most important post you've ever read! I don't do a jot of work over half term any more.....
  20. For next year: take a look at Adklass (google it) for your school. It basically writes the majority of your report as you assess during the year.
    Bloody brilliant!


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